Reno - Creme

This is in Midtown next door to Wedge the cheese shop.

This morning I think I had the best breakfast I’ve ever had in Reno! And I’m going to struggle to remember any breakfast that’s been better! The menu on their website hasn’t been updated for their new Spring menu. We had a savory crepe with lots of mushrooms and asparagus (inside and out) and an appropriate amount of excellent sausage country gravy on the top. Not enough to cover or drown it, just perfect. And as you can see from the (crappy) photo the hashbrowns were so nice and crisp. Their house coffee is in a French press (with free refills) which I wasn’t so keen on because in the past, by the time I add cream and sugar, it’s lukewarm. But this was an insulated pot and the coffee was nice and hot. I so recommend this place.

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ETA: I must have been over or under caffeinated to not mention that between the crepe and the gravy were two fried eggs. I could go right back there today :slight_smile: