Remember Spring Water Cafe on Memorial? - Houston

Well, some good news for you beleaguered Americans! Bagel Bob is Back!

Bagel Bob

Oh and by the way, the last time we discussed the little outpost he occupied, it was a new branch of a longtime local Italian restaurant, Bellissimo. It lasted no time at all like all the others, despite good Yelp reviews.

Now it’s Habanero Mexican Grill. Good luck with that, haven’t seen anyone in it yet, and what timing with massive road construction to boot. How do they get these restaurant leases over and over??

When ya’ll come up for air, let us know what you’ve been eating.

Meantime I’ll be watching episodes of Love, American Style on Retirement TV Channel.

I wondered whatever happened to that guy - assumed he had left town. Where is this farmer’s market?

Oh. Haven’t been eating out much since getting back from Colorado so nothing to report.

Saturdays at a Congregational Church in the Villages. it’s several months old, but I haven’t made it over there yet. I intend to, lots of good vendors there I think including a truffle importer I’ve bought from before.

I had never heard of the Farmer’s Market and I know several people who go to that church! Thanks, guys!

Looks interesting. I’ve bookmarked the FB page.

I’ve read the OP several times. Where does Lambsy mention a farmer’s market?

Are you reading her mind?!?!

It’s in the “Bagel Bob” link…

Thank you Lambsy.

I had clicked that link on my phone earlier and went straight to the map which still shows the Memorial/Tully location. I assumed, (wrongly!) that the Facebook page hadn’t been updated and went no further.

Let’s eat!

I meant to try to make it up there this weekend but it was just too cold. Meantime I discovered a new Farmer’s Market close to me - Meyerland Farmer’s Market.

I see Angela’s Oven and Swede Farm are both there (mentioned by bmorecupcake in the Pearland thread) and several others of interest. Plant it Forward is also there, which is good news. They sure do some good looking produce. A couple of years ago I was buying regularly from their stand on Fondren and Willowbend but last year, I never saw the stand in operation. Lately, however, they’ve been operating at that location a few hours a week. Haven’t caught them open yet when I’m by that way but I will.

I forgot to note that I stopped by and saw Bob a couple of weeks ago. I stopped in around 10:30 and they were already out of the lox. (the horror…the horror.)

So i took away an everything bagel and just a schmear. Chatted with Bob for just a minute.

Pro tip: If you park in the back of the Hunter’s Creek City Hall lot on Brogden, Bob’s is the first stand on then right as you go through the gate. You can grab your bagel to munch as you walk around the Farmer’s Market or just pick it up and get the hell outta there.

(Like I did!)

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Here is Bagel Bob’s new Facebook page.


Stopped by today and got my lox fix.

Thanks BB!

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Bessarabsky Market, Kyiv. Ukraine
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