Remember Eatzi's - Houston

Remember Eatzi’s? I was always intrigued but never made it over there. The location (San Felipe @ Post Oak) was a traffic nightmare even back then.

Paper City reports they may be coming back.

… and with multiple locations.

I thought they had gone out of business completely but they just withdrew from Houston.

This would fit my recent pattern of ‘eating out,’ i.e., picking up ready-to-eat foods!

It appears there are six in D/FW.

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Ooh yea I remember! I went only once and was so overwhelmed I bought a Diet Coke and left!! Haha.

I won’t be so skeerdy if they come back!

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ROFLMAO. Lambowner - I’ve never thought of you as a person who gets overwhelmed or askeert at an eating establishment :smile::laughing:. Looking at the ‘explore the market’ and menu links on the website JC posted, however, I think I understand! I’m definitely going to check this out if they show up here.

The genetic mutant and I used to go fairly often. He was at the Post Oak Y during the Summers when he was little, and we would run down there for dinner every so often. He liked the build-your-own pasta bar and I liked the have-it-your-way sandwich bar. They also had a small grocery area with fresh bread and produce, etc.

We were surprised when it closed because it was always packed.


Genetic mutant! OBD? Are you people quarreling?

I used to stop on my way to work when we were located on Westheimer and Weslayan now Central Market. Eatzi’s was a great place I often would get the 3 cheese freshly baked bread. The center of the bread was all cheesy goodness.

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Quarreling? Nah.

It’s purely a term of affection and a mantle he wears proudly.

“Evolution” and whatnot.

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