Regional Chinese in Flushing

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Wait, how did that not include my text? I will be going to the Yankees-Mets game, which starts at 8 PM on Sunday, 6/10/2018. I may have the chance to have dinner beforehand with friends. Which regional Chinese restaurants are you liking best in Flushing lately? I don’t expect anyone will have a car, so walking distance (no more than 15 minutes or so) from Main St. would be best.

I don’t have specific restaurant recommendations for you since I haven’t been back to Flushing for a few years. But this discussion about Wenzhou restaurants in Flushing may be of interest to you. Flushing has a large Wenzhou population and the cuisine is not one that’s easy to find elsewhere in the US.

Well, if you don’t mind the “hole in the wall” feel, then I would recommend anything in the Golden Mall of Flushing. On the other hand, there are several high end Chinese restaurants too.

Sorry I never replied to this. My friend turned out not to be so adventurous that night, so we ended up at the Flushing branch of Congee Village, and actually had a very good, though unadventurous meal.