Regional boards getting a 404 error

When I click on the SFBA link, or any other regional link in “USA”, I get a 404 page-not-found error. This has been going on for a couple of hours.

Apparently fixed now, thanks.

Still an issue for the Northeast.

Thanks for flagging.

hmmph. I was able to get to them fine (didn’t do anything to fix them). @kattyeyes, can you try again?

Just did. Back in biz–thanks!

Could be some system quirks when i reorganized the boards last night. hopefully it doesn’t happen again. if it does, please let me know. thanks!


It’s happening again this morning.

Can you tell me which board and the procedures you tried to get to those board? phone or pc? let me try to recreate the issue.


PC, recent Chrome. I just clicked on the SFBA link, and then on the USA link. Both turned up 404s.

the SFBA link from the front page?

Yup. Yup again because of the 5-character limit.

can you clarify what you meant by the 5 char limit? for the posts?

I originally just typed “Yup.”, but I got a pop-up that said posts have to be longer than 5 characters.

I redirected the www, address to yesterday afternoon. are you using the .com web site when you got the error?

i tried using Chrome on PC and still ok. Can you clear the cache if this persists?


No, I’m using the .org URL. ETA: clearing the cache didn’t work.

Here’s the failing URL: . I get the same 404 if I paste it into a new Firefox session.

ok its because of the sf category getting moved to the USA category on a couple of days ago.

the current link i am getting is

let me figure out if there is a way to ‘rebuild’ the home page so you won’t get the 404. thanks for flagging and debugging with me.

Anyone else getting this?

i reorganized the board again. so hopefully the front page is pointing you to:

Yes, it works now. Thanks.

Its not just you. Yesterday i moved the general discussion board to the bottom of the front page. the whole group disappeared (404) even though the threads are still accessible. i just ended up recreating the group.

I have to keep an eye out when I move boards around.