Regensburg, Passau, Krems, Vienna, Budapest

We’ll be taking a river cruise (Viking) next summer from Regensburg via Pass, Krems, Vienna, and Budapest. Meal are included, and our experience on a Rhone cruise was very positive, but on that cruise we had lunches during stops in Lyons, Arles, and Avignon. (I wrote up the cruise food and the local places on my blog).
I’d like to eat off-ship again. I’m looking for walkable (with a mile) places , and the boats usually dock close to the center of town, but if not, there’ll be a way to get there. We’d prefer places that have great local specialties – and what that special is. No dietary restrictions. Thanks!


I’m envious!!

I’ll have to think a little more.

I really like the tiny Nurnberger sausages that come in 3s , grilled over an open flame, that are served in a bun. I would think they’re also available in Regensburg.

In Vienna, the grand Cafés are so beautiful. I would definitely suggest you order a proper veal Wiener Schnitzel. I’m not crazy about Sachertorte, but visit Hotel Sacher and order something. Try a few different strudels: apple, sour cherry, topfen (cottage cheese), poppyseed.
I’m fond of Austrian cheese spaetzle. I like Austrian fruit dumplings. Lots of good things made with plums and apricots.
I love Viennese coffee.

In Budapest- I haven’t been yet, but I’ve been an armchair traveller for years. Definitely check out the grand cafés.
I love palacsinta, both savoury and sweet. Paprikas, Porkolt, gulyas soup.

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We spent some time in Vienna in June 2019.
within your parameters (central and local specialties) we really liked Plachutta. Quite a scene, the well heeled local patrons in the garden, and pictures of highly diverse and historic celebrities on the way to the loo! Tafelspitz (boiled beef) served in copper cauldrons with a set of traditional accompaniments is their specialty with multiple cuts to chose from. A real Vienna institution.

Another traditional, central place we enjoyed was Der Weisse Rauchfangkehrer (the White Chimneysweep).

If you have a chance you should definitely have some of the wonderful apricot dumplings that are a seasonal austrian specialty. If your boat stops in the Wachau, get off and enjoy the wines and maybe some dumplings! We had these dumplings in the idyllic garden of Pharrwirt, as a followon to a hike up to the Kahlenberg - too far off of your route, I fear, but a worthwhile visit for someone moseyin around Vienna for a while.

The Hotel Sacher is quite remarkable in its state of preserved formal elevance. in lieu of sacher torte, we had Esterhazy Torte. Note we travelled through your route on a separate trip with Uniworld and the cuisine was on a high level and local specialties were well presented by the their chef. You will probably have enough austrian pastries on the boat to satisfy you!

There is a beer garden in the park right next to the boat docks in Passau - its also a very short walk into the town proper. Id suspect without knowing that you will be able to find a pleasant meal there.


Thanks, Phoenikia and JenKalb!

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I did have a snack at the ratskeller in the rathouse, or town hall – some cheeses and some bread – and did a bog post on it. Pretty good. Passau is a lovely town.

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And I did have an apricot dumpling at a large abbey – I forget the name – and it was delicious! thanks for the tip!

In Regensburg – which is a gorgeous town

with the largest preserved medieval area north of the alps – I had a sausage at the oldest restaurant in the world --878 years and going strong.

It was probably the. best sausage of the trip – and the palce does a land office business.


My favourite sausages in Bavaria are the little Nurnberg sausages sold in 3s, and put in a roll.

I want to spend time in Regensburg some day.

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Regensburg is a very lovely City indeed!
Good food, lots to see and do.
Historische Wurstkuch’l that is built into the Steinerne Brücke that crosses the Danube and serves the Nürnberger Style of Bratwürste

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