[Redwood City] La Fonda De Los Carnalitos

La Fonda De Los Carnalitos is opened by the folks who run the acclaimed Los Carnalitos taco truck. We went during Saturday lunch. Recommendation- go try it at dinner instead. I looked at the brunch menu- they didn’t have a lot of the items that I was hoping to try- mole, pozole, etc. It didn’t mean their brunch items were not tasty, they were just too safe for me. Has anyone tried their dinner entrees?

Chile relleno:

Enchiladas verdes:

Taco trio- pollo: for the kids



I always knew that restaurant as La Fonda and never realized their full name and connection to Los Carnalitos (which we really like). That puts them much higher on my long restaurants-to-try list

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Those enchiladas are calling out. Now you’ve reminded us that chicken mole is getting hard to come by. Missing the long gone Mexicali Rose in Oakland.

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That looks delish. Spend a week a month in Menlo Park and need to check this place out. We eat a lot of Mexican in Santa Barbara but only Mexican food I eat in NorCal is Amigos Grill in PV and some pretty good tacos at Zotts.

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Here’s an article about the connection:

I didn’t see any of the dishes mentioned in the article though. I would have gotten the huitlacoche in a heartbeat but perhaps those are a bit too ‘unusual’?