[Redwood City, CA] Zipotes Restaurant- home-style Salvadorian

Zipotes is a Salvadoreño family-owned restaurant in Redwood City situated away from the major clusters of restaurants (El Camino, downtown, Middlefield). To satisfy a craving for pupusas, we had lunch here. The place was absolutely packed.

We had ones with revuletas and loroco, with the masa hand-formed and the pupusas nicely griddled. They seemed fuller compared to my most recent pupusas at Pupuseria Nineth in Redwood City. Flavorful.

BTW, what does one look for when it comes to good curtido?

Salvadoreño pork tamale. The El Salvador version was new to me. Wrapped in a banana leaf. Texture of the masa was a bit more squishy versus their Mexican counterpart. Tasted good.

Not a big fan of the steak rice plate, especially the steak. People recommended the soup and the chicken rice plate. Which I think we will try next time.

Hand-forming the masa for the pupusas.


Simple, homey food. Opens breakfast, lunch and dinner. Super casual place. Couple of guys ordered at the counter. Placed the number on the table and left somewhere for half an hour. Staff first placed their food on the table. Then after 10 minutes came back and covered their food with foil to keep warm.

Need to go back and try more of the antojitos and the breakfast. Has anyone been?

Also need to explore more Mexican and Central American restaurants in RWC. Any tips?

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