Redmond, Washington

Headed to Seattle Washington with four nights in Redmond… we are two 23 year olds looking for decent
Regional food and a bar scene… any suggestions?

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I don’t think there is much in Redmond per se, depending on your libations of choice there are various wine tasting rooms in Woodinville, McMenamin’s in Bothell, or head to downtown Bellevue.

local dumpling chain Dough Zone is a favorite, with a few locations on the eastside:


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My daughter and son-in-law live in Seattle, and they like the following places. They’re both in their early thirties, and are pretty tuned into food and drink in the area. Hope this helps. Also I would recommend a stop at the iconic Dick’s Drive In for old fashioned style burgers. Really good. If you go to Pile’s Place Market, Lowell’s in the market has excellent breakfasts and lunches, with killer Bloody Mary’s and other drinks. Garlic Crush in Bellevue is great as well.

ETA: Chinook’s in the Fisherman’s Terminal is always a good choice, with an extensive seafood menu. It tends to be really busy on the weekends at breakfast/brunch time, so you may encounter a wait. This is true for a lot of places in Seattle that time of day on weekends.

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I’ve found Seattle Eater online zine to be a very useful resource. You can google Seattle Eater best bars, best breakfasts, best pub food, and they’ll probably give you a bunch of recs. As folks said above, Redmond isn’t terribly central. But if you have a car or can Uber, you should have lots of choices.

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Meant to add that Chinook’s is in Ballard. Also, it’s Marination Station in West Seattle, which has Korean-Hawaiian style tacos, etc. plus great drinks. Very casual with some outdoor seating. Moonrise Bakery in Queen Anne has amazing pastries, and excellent coffee.

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Redmond is mostly a culinary wasteland, IMO.

In Seattle:

T.S. Hooligans
Frelard Pizza
Cafe Munir
5 Point
Le Pichet
Chiang’s Gourmet
Fonda la Katrina
Jack’s BBQ
Pacific Inn
El Camino
George’s Deli

If you prefer some particular level along the haute/dive continuum, let me know.