Red Oak Grill in Airport Plaza Closed [Hazlet NJ]

Like it says…

Here’s hoping we get something interesting in its place in less than five years. :frowning:

About time. I thought the Red Oak Diner, local landmark as it may be, was disgusting. Their redux of “Red Oak Grill” was a laughable attempt to grasp at the straws of their glory days. They should have mailed it in when they had the chance, not go out with the whimper that was the tiny, boring eating establishment in Airport Plaza. Good riddance.

This was the reboot of the diner that closed for the lidl to open? From quick reviews I saw online the new spot was terrible.

Any good suggestions for diner? Had been told this place was one of the better spots? Right now my go to spot is the all seasons in Eatontown. I know many people are high on the spot in keyport, will need to try that spot

Yes it was. I don’t know what they were thinking opening up a smaller version of themselves when the previous incarnation, albeit a long-run, faded away and died.

For the Hazlet/Middletown area, my go-to diner is the New Monmouth. Kings Arms in Belford is not bad either, but their menu is smaller, prices higher, and they seem to aim themselves more for a “finer” dining establishment than a diner.

As for the Broad Street Diner in Keyport, they are consistently on everyone’s top 10 lists for diners in NJ. Do not know what the fuss is about. I did not enjoy my experience there. See my reviews for more information.

I completely agree with you about the Broad Street Diner. We were totally underwhelmed.

I would add to the list the Skylark Diner in Edison which is consistent AND has a bar which is fun.

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