Red numbers

What do they mean?


(Unrelated to your question) Can I say your avatar is beautiful. Daffodils are so pretty. I used to grow them when I lived back East.

Thank you so much, that is very kind of you to say :slight_smile:

The previous home owners (my former bassist and his family) had planted them, along with a few other perennials. Both my PIC and I have solidly black thumbs, and so each spring it is an utter joy to watch the daffodils and croci pop up after a long, dreary winter.

The front of our house doesn’t get a lot of sun, so they are always a bit later than other flower beds on our street. I love how all the colors are coming out now - white, pink, purple, yellow, green :star_struck:


It’s been a weird weather winter here in SE PA–mild and very wet. Apparently this is prime daffodil weather as it has been a banner year with daffodils bursting out everywhere. (We didn’t get the usual croci explosion, but the hyacinths lasted a good long time this season).

Back to topic . . . What are these “red numbers” you reference? I haven’t noticed any myself.

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Haven’t they always been there? I thought the orange-to-me (red-to-you) reflected that there was a high number of “forks” given on the thread? I could be wrong (again).


True. The more replies and views a topic has the redder the numbers appear. The view/replies threshold and the parameters that turn a topic “hot” are determined by the admin. Here’s a Discourse link if anyone is interested:


I know it’s not new, I was just curious to find out what it meant bc I couldn’t for the life of me figure it out.

Now I know :slight_smile:


Also the numerals of the views indicator seems to get more bold during the progression.

As for the replies number, that can go red even with just a small number of replies, if there are also a high ratio of likes on those replies and/or on the OP. By hovering for the pop-up explanations, I’ve seen 3 categories - “high” like to post ratio, “very high”, and “extremely high”, with, as you mentioned, the redness (for me it’s orangeness) of the numbers increasing with each category.

If you hover over a black number of replies, the popup just tells you “there are X number of replies”.

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Well, now I’m totes confused again. But don’t mind me :smile: