Red Lobster Endless Shrimp begins Sept 4

It’s back for a limited time only.

Menu here:

The insiders guide:

I remember eating at “Dead Lobster” years and years ago … it was beyond terrible
Has the food improved, frankly I’m shocked you are posting about this considering the food you regularly eat, is it a joke?

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“A little over 3 pounds”

That is the answer to the question that nobody asked. :slight_smile:


RL is definitely not a destination kind of place, it’s the Olive Garden of fishy stuff, prepackaged food and decor. Generally the seafood and especially the lobster is kind of meh.

But the all you can eat shrimp is kind of legendary. It has gotten to be a thing where office groups will go out for lunch just to see how much they can over do it.

On the menu the garlic shrimp, the fried shrimp, and the scampi are generally reliable, certainly not worse than lot of the places in Point Pleasant. The other newer entrees like the Nashville shrimp, or the Cape Cod Kettle chip crusted can really be hit or miss.

But in the end it is all you can eat shrimp for like $ 18.95, plus a generous tip for the poor server, so you can’t go too far wrong. If anything, I am not a snob when it comes to eating.

And the cheddar biscuits, while a certified heart attack on a plate, are actually one those things that are so bad they are good.