Red Gravy in Brooklyn has closed

Walked by it over the weekend. Noticed all the chairs and tables had been piled up and the bar was broken down. Listing is off opentable. Sort of saddened by this. I think I write the first post about the place on CH and it wasn’t a positive review. Over time it got much better but it was a maddingly frustrating place. Erratic as hell. You could have a great meal and service one day and come back a week later and everything would go to hell. No rhyme or reason. Kind of grew to like it towards the end. Wonder what will go into the space now. Hopefully NOT another pizza joint.

Saul Bolton (of the restaurant Saul at the Bklyn Museum) owned Red Gravy and has a long term lease on the space. They were working in the place during the Atlantic Antic and I asked what was happening. According to the guy that was there (one of the managers), Saul is going to be opening another place in the location but wasn’t yet ready to provide details. I agree with your assessment of how frustrating the place was. The chef was very talented and I really think that the organization and operation of the place didn’t help her any. I’d love to know where she lands. Basically, I’ve felt the same way about all of Bolton’s places - the food is basically solid with some real winning aspects, but we generally had not been happy with the service & attitude of Saul when it was on Smith St (I have a couple of stories about some meals there), didn’t think Vanderbilt was for us either & Saul at the Museum has already turned off my wife after one visit (I wasn’t there).