Red Bank Redux

New version…

lets here some new highlights.

So last night I wanted to hit chickyboom and was looking to test their pernil. I flew by it and turned around only to find it closed. I noticed that the Sicilia Cafe is closed down and it appears mac attack is shut down too. I also drove by soul kitchen and it was dark (apparently they shut down at 7 I see now online.) what is going on? Its either feast or famine. I literally cant find a place to park or the town seems dead. I ended up at Linos for a hickory roasted half bird and a few brews…cant beat it for 7.50 if you don’t care about ambiance.

So I’ve been gorging on skirt steak the past few days. I tried chickyboom saturday and my standby rodeio grill over the weekend. Monday I got back to Belmonte specifically to try the skirt steak. This is a legit steak and I urge you to try it. I’m fairly sure you will like it and you may think it is superb. They got this steak
right…the temp, the char, the cut (membrane removed ), the chimmichurri… and to boot it came out blazing hot. For 24 bucks it is a fair value considering the astronomical skirt prices today. Plus you have a nice atmosphere and “scenery” ; )

I will give it another shot soon and report back with more details tomorrow but in the meantime, try this if you are a skirt steak fan.

Sicilia Cafe closed??? (shit that was my neighbors place and I kept saying…I’ve got to get there. Oh well) They own the Salad Works and Gelato place next door as well, were they still opened? (they use to also own the salad works in the Monmouth Mall which closed about a year ago)

Mac Attack sucked, good riddance.

Lino’s I tried once and it was very disappointing, they didn’t have the grill on and the chicken I got felt rubbery like it was day old and microwaved. Never went back.

yeah you need the chicken fresh off the rotisserie at Linos. Reheated wont work. I love the chorizo tacos there. Try them out if you are a taco guy.

Unless the scilia cafe is doing work, they are shut down. Keep in mind it was dark and raining so I could be wrong, but there is paper on the windows and a note on the door.

Not that I expect it to be great, but have you tried that HAO buffet in middletown? it is something ridiculous like 13.99 for weeknights and I got a flyer in the mail for 15% off (that’s how I found out about it.) I can’t see them staying in business long offering ayce crab at that price. I can dust off quite a few crabs lol

If that is the buffet in the Shop Rite Plaza, yes I have been there, but is that a new name? I thought it was called something else? It was decent, pretty good sushi selection…it use to be the cleaner/nicer sister buffet to the location in Eatontown on 36. Although Eatontown isn’t as “nice” it is far busier so the food seemed to be fresher or replaced more frequently than Middletown. Certainly worth a try for that price…I like the peel and eat shrimp. lol

yeah it is in shoprite but I am not sure if it is the same space as the old china buffet. I might give it a shot just for some crab.

Please do and report back your findings!

I tried HAO buffet a couple months ago for a weekend lunch.
I thought it was awful. I am not that even picky and I thought the sushi was near inedible.

Well apparently it has changed hands from when I was there. I was at the one in Eatontown yesterday and it is still “decent”, my son likes it so when in Rome, we eat Chinese buffet!!

Yeah its not good. I didn’t even try the sushi as it didn’t look very appetizing. On the other hand I did get get to the middletown ayce sushi place in union square. As expected, the food isn’t epic but you can gorge for twenty bucks. I hammered down quite a few of their tempura shrimp