Red Bank redux version 2.0


Tacos = MOGO. And BYOB

(Joon) #102

I’ve been to the taco night. I’m gonna start by saying I have weird taco preferences. I went one time for Taco night and had 2 of every taco that’s available. None of the tacos made me want to return for more. But then again I’ve felt that way about everything 10th Ave makes. People seem to love it but I just don’t find it particularly appealing. I think it’s worth a try though, it’s definitely a quality product, the atmosphere is fun and the price is very reasonable.


Tacos seem to be gaining in popularity. I see them at somewhat higher end places and prices are ridiculous. I’m not throwing down 20 bucks for two tacos.

Maybe check out beach tavern in Monmouth beach. They have half price taco night one weekday. For full price I’d be unhappy, but at half the cost, it’s not bad. The venue is quite nice and last time I had some pulled pork tacos which were tasty. These are more “artisan” tacos over traditional mexican ones (which you probably realize.)

(Junior) #104


$20. for a chicken francaise with 8oz. of chicken
$20. for a chicken and pasta dish with 6oz. of chicken
$20 for two tacos with 4 oz of chicken in it!

As a restaurant owner which would you rather be serving!?!?!

(Joon) #105

Wait you’re telling me the tacos pictured are 10$ each normally? Wow. That’s like Michelin star pricing. These are the worst and most expensive tacos I’ve personally had. It was a travesty.

Right now these are the tacos of my choice:

But I think my all time favorite is tripas tacos at any old Mexican place. Something about how they get the intestine really crispy just works so well in a taco. Mmm.


I had to look it up online. They are 5 per taco…my mistake. I think they make they specifically for Tuesday night so I don’t think they are half price…just a special.

I wish TB would actually make some spicy tacos/stuff.

And yeah jr, I hear you. Some of these chicken dishes are outrageous. I can’t remember the last time I ordered chicken as an entree because it is so overpriced in restaurants (unless I’m getting something cheap like Mexican)


The only thing at 10th Ave that I’ve enjoyed multiple times is their corn chowder. Good kick, and I don’t have to make it myself! :slight_smile:

(David) #108

Best bargain on high end tacos are at The Frog and The Peach happy hour. Normally reasonably priced, the half price happy hour ones are a steal.

(Joon) #109

Never had their corn chowder! People seem to really love their wings also and worth a try.

@corvette_johnny Their habanero sauce is actually pretty tasty. It’s not a packet, but goes on their cool hab tacos. Yum.


I’ll have to give those a try. Thanks

@seal I don’t get over there much but I will keep it in mind…thank you.

So it looks like we have a menu for the new jewish deli

OK so I guess I might as well be the first to say it. I don’t eat chicken salad but it’s 8 bucks for a sandwich. Now look at “the Lou” which appears to be a chicken salad sandwich for 14 bucks but it has cheese. What else do you get for the extra 6 bucks? (Hopefully I’m reading this correctly.)

I wonder how a brisket/pastrami combo will stack up against a richard’s version ? Will it be worth the extra 47.5% price hike? I realize rent in rb is expensive but we will see…

(Mr met) #111

Cantina Caliente closed apparently…same owners are planning to open upscaled seafood place…based on roof deck seeming to be thier big plan and the fact that this will be try # 3 in a year I’m not hopeful…

(Eat Me !) #112

Is that the old rock club?


Yeah the old chubbys


No club rolls?? Feh…


I like the California cheese steak from Luigi’s in Little Silver.

After hearing the owner loudly and joyously make fun of an elderly customer for being just that–elderly–, I will never give New Corner another penny.


When was this? It has had a few owners.


I went to birravino to meet a friend tonight. How is this place still in business? I know the answer but I’m just frustrated that a once mediocre restaurant is now such a pile. :confused:


Last spring. I wasn’t aware that it’s had owner changeover. Never again. My $ goes to decent folk, if I have any say in the matter.

Hit Red Rock today on a break from being with Mom in hospital. Impressed with redesign, food, and service. If I weren’t so tired, I’d create a proper post…

(irrumabo ipsum) #120

I’ll give it a shot. Here’s another rec from Luigi’s. Their Egglplant Luigis with fresh mutz, sun dried tomatoes, balsamic vinegar and lettuce is a favorite of mine. If you dig eggplant, you’ll love this sandwich.


Thanks for the rec! I’ll definitely try it.