Red Bank redux version 2.0

(David) #21

In town last night and a few questions:

Has anyone tried the pizza place that took over for Mr. Pizza Slice? Their sign said pizza and CHEESESTEAKS!! so I have to try one soon.

Anyone know what is going into the old bank building? I know the new Jewish deli is coming in next door but with all the AP restos in old bank buildings…

Red Rocks Tap Room?? was so packed at 5:30 that we ended up going elsewhere to eat. Could not even stand much less find a place to sit. Anyone been?


Seal any luck getting that cheesesteak?

As for red rocks, I haven’t been yet but that location is prime time so I can see why they are packed.


Just read an article this week that a grit from Morristown bought the bank bldg. MY guess is maybe it’s Harvest Restaurant Group but that really is a guess.

Meanwhile, I’m headed to Count Basie tonight for Joe Bonnamassa (yes, I brought earplugs)…is Red Rocks near the theater? Any other revs for casual eats beforehand?

(Junior) #24

Que y donde es Rojo Rocas?


No se! (Which is why I asked… @seal really knows RB–I don’t!)


Red Rocks is a bit of a hike from count basie. there are lots of choices close by. I’d check out Dish. I think they have the 3 course tonight but double check if interested.

(Junior) #27

Oh thanks CJ!!! (What and Where is Red Rock in case you don’t understand Spanish. If you do understand it and were just ignoring me, I’ll flip you another bird at the next get together you don’t show up to!!! )


I thought you were joking. It is the new spot where brannigans used to be. From google images…


Wharf Street in RB

(Junior) #30

Do I ever joke CJ? (joke…oh shit you caught me!!) Wow they did a hell of a job with the construction. I assume it’s still mostly a bar? We use to go there after my company softball games…cool story. We were there during a pretty bad storm and a power line/transformer blew across the street and the police closed the street and wouldn’t allow us to leave because the conditions weren’t safe. They continued to pour beer and didn’t take payment for the two hours or so that we were trapped there. (yes I have a softball story too…maybe you can hear it if you show up next time) (joke again…dammit your good CJ)


Thx…don’t think we’ll have enough time… How bad is Dublin Pub?

(Joon) #32

Unless something has changed recently their cheesesteaks are steakumms.

(Junior) #33

Gracias !!

(Joon) #34

My preference for Red Bank eats is almost always Pho Le, for the simple fact that it’s the only Vietnamese option in a 25 minute radius. Get some fried rolls and the Super Bowl.

Be prepared for shit service though.

Dublin House isn’t bad, not great. It’s fine for what it is.


Damn that must have been fun. Free drinks always taste good.

I was there one night when some idiot blew his hand off with an m80. This was probably 15 years ago. I guess you can’t pick a more convenient place to have an accident (literally yards from the emergency room.)

@joonjoon are you referring to the new owners? If they have a sign outside advertising cheesesteaks and they are serving steakums, that is freaking ridiculous.

Does anyone know if that “world eats” place has opened yet?


I have only drank there so I can’t comment on the food. “North of the border” is good mexican food but a true hole in the wall place. Walt Street pub is close by and has a half decent cheeseburger. You also have Teak and Jamians

(Junior) #37

I know the guy you are talking about, just saw him over the summer. I forget the details either he or someone he was with lit it and joking around placed the M80 in his pocket. Sadly he was a little late getting it out of his pocket. Small world you were there.

(David) #38

I’d skip Red Rocks until the warmer weather as the outside looks like it will be awesome and there is not a lot of room inside.

Although they haven’t changed the sign, I hear that Carlos O’Conner’s is now owned and operated by some of the real Mexican folks from near the train tracks.

Also, though not close to Count Basie, Hansel & Griddle is always a good cheap meal.

For more money I still like Catch a lot and their steak is the best in Red Bank.


Thx! It’s def going to depend on what time each of us gets in to town and parked…my music pal doesn’t “care” about food so much as getting a beer/burger most of the time, so I doubt we’re going to have a ‘proper’ meal pre-show. I only force him to do that when we meet up in the city! :grin:

In other news, this is a good reminder that I need to explore RB more in general.


I haven’t had the catch steak in a while. Are they still doing the original ribeye preparation? That is a tasty steak for a “seafood spot.”