red bank guiness oyster festival Sunday 9/29/19

Not that I am big on either of the two headlining items, but I hear that there will be lots of food vendors in town for the day. Rumor is the guy who deep fries everything will be there and I am jonesing for a deep fried slice of pizza.


Oysters? Oysters!! I’m all over it. Oops, just realized I live 1600 miles away. Can you good people start a collection to fly me in?

Can I watch the mighty Texans game there while I slurp countless dozens of oysters?

A few pints would also be nice.


Kyle Allen better have his running shoes on today.

Dave, do you have a link to this guy who fries everything?


Lol @corvette_johnny I don’t even know his name. Like that old soft-rock ballad, I heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend …