Recs for Vietnamese crepe in San Francisco

Our gold standard was the original Le Soleil on Clement Street. After the “old folks” retired, subsequent kitchen staff never got it right IMHO. We’ve tried Sunflower and it wasn’t bad, but not quite LS. Since then, we’ve sufficed with making them at home. Would love to find more opportunities out. Any help?

(Thoughts of this were kindled by comments on Potrero Hill thread. Thanks.)

Bodega Bistro has our favorite Bánh xèo The crepe is crisp and its filling is generous with shrimp, pork, bean sprouts, and veggies.

Haven’t tried it myself, but Begoni Bistro in Chinatown has a bánh xèo that’s said to rival Bodega Bistro’s, which makes sense because both establishments’ kitchens were started by (the possibly late) Jimmy Kwok.

Tuyet Mai makes a good version.

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