Recs for a not-so-heavy stainless steel fry pan?

Just for the record, you’re not required to polish the exteriors of copper pots and pans. :wink:
I use my copper every day, and spend no more time handwashing it than I do any other pots or pans.

To add to the recommendations (I don’t know if you’ve already bought or not), I’d look at Calphalon tri-ply pans. Not as nice (IMO) as All-Clad, but definitely equal to AC’s functional performance. I think AC has a better selection of different styles.


Unpolished is what they will end up looking in this house :slight_smile: I am pretty much narrowed to copper core with stainless surface, or stainless. I think I am going to screw up a tin surface pretty easily.

To clarify, its not that I can’t hold weight. But I already have a heavy CI that’s used every day, so I just want some separation weight-wise for the new piece, in addition to functions.

I had been waiting to see if any good deals show up during the holiday seasons. But then my hood started making some strange noises so I have to focus on that a lot more urgently so I haven’t moved on the pan yet.

Oh, everyone should at least try one thick copper pan a few times. There is nothing like it.

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I am curious, how’s Calphalon tri-ply compared to a Tramontina tri-ply?

Looking at Tramontina in the store (one time), it appears very similar to Calphalon (as does Costco’s Kirkland tri-ply). But I’ve not used it, so I can’t comment on its cooking properties. I’ve owned both Calphalon and All-Clad at the same time, so I’ve compare them in actual use. How’s the price comparison between the two? I’ve seen lots of Calphalon at the local Marshall’s/TJMAxx/HomeGoods for very reasonable prices.

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I agree with Eiron. I would consider Calphalon, Cuisinart, Tramonita about the same quality

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Amazon has the Calphalon at $69.99, while the Tramontina is at $167.43 at WMT. Its odd the Tramontina is priced pretty high (I thought they usually are much cheaper), almost at All-Clad level. So Calphalon seems to be a pretty good deal.

Ok. I bought the Calphalon tri ply since its on sale. Rating is ok with most of the low ratings complaining about warping. I will give it a try and see how well it works. And if it warps or has issues I will get an All Clad or Demeyere at that point.

Thanks all for the feedback!

I will report back on the Calphalon.


That sounds like a good price on that pan! I’ve owned Calphalon 8" and 10" frying pans, the 5 qt saute, and a 1 qt saucepan, and have never had any warping issues. Calphalon’s got a good name to protect, and these pans are well-made. I think the only way you’re going to warp them is if you mistreat them somehow (e.g., serious overheating, plunging a sizzling pan into cold water, etc.).

Looking forward to your impressions! :slight_smile:

Same as you. I have Calphalon Triple cookware. I have dropped one and got a dent, but I haven’t warp one due to heat. Right now, I just moved to a new apartment with a smooth gas top, so I would able to notice the smallest warp, and I don’t.

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In short, I really like the pan. I didn’t realize when I bought it, but the width and height of the pan actually works better for my type of cooking- quite a lot of food in the same pan. So while the old cast iron often doesn’t have enough surface area for all the food I throw into the pan, so the food ends up stacked in 2 layers and require stirring for even cooking. The new Calphalon is wider, and can easily accommodate the amount of food.

The lid is very heavy with the thick glass. I am not used to heavy, thick lids so it takes a while to get used to handling-wise. But a thick lid definitely allows the lid to more ably stay in place and keep the heat inside the pan when needed.

Onto handling. Here’s where I feel it can be slightly improved. I feel, e.g. compared to a Cuisinart that I have, the handle parts into the Y shape area a little farther away from the pan than preferred. Given the weight of the pan, placing the thumb just below the Y shape area and holding the pan becomes a little bit more challenging with only one hand. Yes there is a second handle, it’d still be nice if I can hold the handle a little closer to the pan. Normally I put a wet towel on the CI handle, and my thumb is pretty much right next to the edge of the pan since there is no ‘hole’ in the handle next to the pan, which actually makes holding the heavy CI easier. I haven’t weighed the Calphalon tri ply, but handling it with one hand is tougher.

Speaking of the Y shape area. The edge is a little rough. Not slicing-thumb-open-rough, but the Cuisinart in contrast is smooth and polished.

No warping issue at all. Given enough oil, and my burner size, its doesn’t seem to be sticking for me.

So, overall, I think its $70 well spent. I probably will still cook meat on the CI. I will have to experiment with how well meat works with SS, but I can see I will cook many other items with this new SS saute pan.

Thank you for all the suggestions and recommendations!

Even though I am not going to get a Demeyere now, I wonder how effective their Silvinox SS is when it comes to sticking less.


Glad to hear the pan has been working out for you.

Yeah, meats have a tendency to stick to hot stainless steel surface. There are techniques to make it less so, but it takes skill, and it works better in certain situations than others. This is the reason why nonstick cookware (particularly nonstick fry pans) is still very popular.

When I was reading this thread last year, I wasn’t thinking of buying any pan. But then I noticed my old pan (actually it was husband’s pan, he bought it some 18 years ago), the bottom disc welded was starting to detach, heat wasn’t even on my induction cook top. My choice was quick, after a search on Demeyere pans (which are out of budget) and with the Mauviel’s M’Cook promotion in January, I got myself a 5 ply 11" (28cm) pan. I must say I am happy and impressed with my purchase. I need a pan to go inside the oven, a 11" is ideal for me, although a bigger size that SCK is testing would be great.

Unlike most other pans and pots I had, they have a lot of information under the pan, sometimes etched, sometimes debossed, meaning less contact with the induction surface, I am happy that the bottom of this M’Cook pan has absolutely nothing, not even printed. The tiny debossed “made in France” was seen on the side.

I have successfully cooked thick steaks without adding oil (to test the pan), and it didn’t stick to the pan, browned nicely and evenly. I tried once to cook an omelette, didn’t stick to the pan either. I had some problems cooking diced potatoes though, they got stuck with quite badly, but I suspected it was due the fact that the pan was not hot enough. I confirmed the heat-conducting core ran up the sides of the pan, I got myself burnt more than I thought by slightly touching it (it wasn’t part of the pan test, but with my old pan, no problem if touching the side).

No lid with this purchase, need to buy that separately, but since I have a heavy glass lid from one of my cast iron pot the same size, it is good enough for me. If I have something to criticise, the pan after usage would have some “stain” like pattern on the metal inside the pan, especially when I made those “water beans” to see if pan was hot enough, I guess you need to use special polish to make it look good again. The handle of this pan might not be the most comfortable and probably need some time to adjust, but since I own a non stick pan from Mauviel’s cheaper line, I get used to it and I find it actually quite aesthetically pleasing.


Hi naf, congratulations on your new pan! :slight_smile: Does this have the cast iron handle? If so, does it get too hot to hold during cooking, like on copper pots and pans? By “stain” pattern, do you mean a kind of purpley-rainbow marks? Those will come and go as you use the pan, depending on what you’re cooking. Sometimes I need to use a scrub pad on my All-Clad pans, and that will also remove all staining from the SS surface. Enjoy that pan!

Thanks Greg!

My version, the handle is made of stainless steel, it reminds cold during cooking. But you are right, there is a version that the handle is made of cast iron, I read the description that the CI handle stays cold during cooking. The handle is a bit longer than most pan though, so the 11" pan is the maximum size that can enter in the oven.


Not so pretty, rather brownish or greyish tint patch. You are right about it would come and go. There is also slight white mark that I believe is the residue of calcium in water when evaporated.

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Nice handle! It looks like the same ones used on my Mauviel “1830” M250 pans.
I like these SS handles much better than the CI ones on my sauce pans.

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Very nice, these are the copper pans. I have always want to try those, but with my induction, I won’t be able to use anything copper.