Recommendations in Bologna, Siracusa or Taormina? [Italy]

Hi, Onions

I’m going on a 9 day trip to Italy in March. I looked in on hotel prices recently and noticed that many had doubled since I last looked…which seems related to St Joseph’s day celebrations. This has been a necessary kick in the pants to start looking at which restaurants I want to book in advance in the three cities we’re visiting: Bologna, Taormina, Siracusa (we’re staying in Ortigia).

It’s a special trip so we would probably like a couple of “fancy” dinners (price not important) balanced with casual places with great if rustic food. We don’t mind going off the beaten path and taking transport outside the city center.

Does anyone have recent recommendations? Here are some places I’ve spotted online – feel free to persuade me otherwise:

La Traviata or La Santa on Villa Urbana
Antica Romagnola (seen mixed reviews on this)

Ristorante Giove