Recommendations for seafood markets near North New Jersey or NYC or mail order

I just get most of my seafood from Costco now - Ahi Tuna, Swordfish, scallops etc…

But does anyone know of anywhere in North New Jersey or the NYC area (with competitive prices that don’t charge a premium) or by mailing (competitive pricing)?

There are a lot of mail order seafood places online but they all have premium pricing or requires an order of $400 or more.

I’m sure NYC has a lot of great seafood markets but the cost is usually twice that of normal.

Costco prices are: $16 a lb ahi tuna; $16 a lb swordfish; $24 lb halbiut etc.

Numbers higher than that but still close would be great if possible

thank you


I live right near them but others on here - I think @paryzer is one - have raved about Local 130 Seafood. THEY DELIVER all over NJ.


I second Local 130 Seafood. They deliver fresh caught fish all over NJ in a day or so, and a couple of days to other states. Their prices are higher than Costco, but Costco might be frozen and not caught fresh that day.


Third to Local130. Reminds me, time to place an order!



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Fifth, I ordered from them when the shit hit the fan and my delivery was on my porch the next morning

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