Recommendations for restaurants near the Grand Lake Theater

Any places near the theater with to go or fast casual service on Grand or Lakeshore near the movie theater. I hear that there is a chicken place on Lakeshore.

Comal Nextdoor. Shawaramaji is just over a mile away.

We had a very good lunch on the back patio at Ikaros Greek Restaurant at 3268 Grand Ave recently.

Cafe Romanat across the street is fantastic, but I guess it’s questionable whether or not one can consider Ethiopian fast casual or to go.

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Sorry, probably too late on this, but there are some choices available:

Forget Proposition Chicken: they have become erratic and customer svc has suffered. There was a far better chicken place on Grand but it shut down during the lockdown.

Right next door to the Theatre is Modigliani Cafe, which is excellent for its subs and panini.

If you like a decent fast food burger, Flipside Burgers at 3401 Lakeshore makes good burgers - one flaw is they are not salted, however. 1/2 lb. patty size, good bun, lots of fun combos to choose from. They excel in their fries, both white and sweet potato, as well as the onion rings.

Ikaros and Cafe Romanat are both very good restaurants, but probably don’t qualify for ‘fast food’. Ikaros’ best dishes are the grilled octopus starter and the whole grilled branzino, also a lovely home-style pastitsio. The galaktoboureko dessert is sublime and a style unique to Ikaros - but again, not a good take-out item.

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Thanks. No not too late. I will be at the theater for the Noir City film festival this weekend.

A friend swears by Proposition Chicken, but then we usually don’t like the same places.

Fast and casual: Top Dog, Arizmendi (pizza slice) and Vegan Mob are very close. Top Dog and a slice would be nice. There’s also newish (to me) place called “Almond and Oat” on Grand about a block or two away…cafe/brunch stuff. Have not been but noticed it a few times. Don’t know what it replaced but it replaced something.

Oh, good point - I had forgotten about Vegan Mob which is right next door. Catch 'em quick because that diner building is coming down; their lease was only a short-term 2 yrs and they will be moving soon to 1500 Broadway as their new permanent home!

Almond & Oak is a California-menu bistro and thus not a fast-food choice, although they do take-out if something on their menu appeals to you:
3311 Grand Ave, Oakland (across the street from the theatre side)
They are open only for weekend brunch and dinner:
Almond & Oak, Oakland

I had the gumbo and potato salad at Vegan Mob. I think that I had the wrong expectations for vegan shrimp. I found the texture to be odd. The sausage and sauce were OK. the potato salad was bland and not the mustardy version of Uncle Bill’s.

I had a roast chicken banh mi at Miss Saigon which I liked but it is certainly no Saigon Sandwich. Comal Nextdoor chile relleno was the same dependable dish that they serve at Comal To Go. There are a few different dishes with seafood at Bar Comal nextdoor to Comal Nextdoor. I really like the Mollete torta which happens to be the cheapest and simplest dish on their menu.

The Vegan mob potato salad was bland!

It was very convenient that there are many restaurants with 3 blocks of the theater on Grand on either side of the freeway exit and on Lakeshore

Rico Rico Taco on Lakeshore. I haven’t been since pre-pandemic but it was good then & it’s still there so it’s probably still good!