Recommendations for Oakland food trucks

Anyone with recommendations on great food trucks in Oakland?

If you are thinking about traditional taco trucks, here’s a recent John Birdsall feature on the 7 best in Fruitvale:

If you are thinking of Food Trucks 2.0, a lot of them work both sides of the Bay and are scheduled by event, like the Uptown Oaland Off the Grid event. The current truck schedule is hre:

there’s a dearth of “great” food trucks originating from Oaktown.
for more variety OTG events @Uptown, Emeryville, Alameda Southshore, Oakland Museum, bring in better qualtiy trucks, (Chairman, Koja Kitchen, Sangchon?, Mozzaria, etc,)

oaktown based food trucks i like:
-Go Streatery
-Liba’s Falafel Truck (also B &M on 17th?)
-Opie’s (formerly meatballs)
seoul on wheels popular, but not with me…
-Fists of Flour (pizza B & M on Macarthur Ave, now
-Peter’s Kettlecorn (food stand now a B & M on MacArthur)
-Kenny’s Heart & Soul, slight fav but doesn’t offer much meat choices, cites high cost.
-lots of great taco trucks in & around International ave.

Thanks, shanghaikid!

Thanks, Souperman! I was thinking of either–thx!

El Sabrosito is a new favorite of mine.

Cool. Thx!!

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