Recommendations for Nepali restaurants

I don’t think recent threads about international cuisines included Nepali, so I wonder if folks have any recommendations? Thanks.

I like Bini’s Kitchen.

Great momos, and always go up the block to Holy Nata for some (what else?) Portuguese egg tarts.

Win win. Bang Bang.


East Bay has several Indian/Nepalese. One we like best is:

Namastey Patio
5500 College Avenue, Oakland, CA
Cuisine: Indian and Nepalese
Note you do have to insist upon their making the chile level sufficiently hot - as usual, they tend to ‘spice things down’ for Americans, LOL.

If you’re willing to extend to Indian/Tibetan, there’s:
Guru Curry House
10350 San Pablo Ave, El Cerrito
Cuisine: Indian/Tibetan (note: Tibetan hand-pulled noodles are not listed on the web, but there’s a list of them on the last page of the actual menus at the restaurant)
Although Guru Curry House/El Cerrito is a branch of the Guru Curry/Oakland, we have not been to the Oakland restaurant in a number of years, so I don’t know if the Tibetan dishes are offered there, or only in the El Cerrito location (which is the old Sasa Kitchen site, with its own parking lot).

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One just opened up in downtown Hayward, on B Street near City Hall, called Gurkha (old Hayward City Pho space). I haven’t tried it yet.


Someone I know who grew up in Nepal, and now live in the Valley, says the only one he likes is the Nepalese place Monsoon in Half Moon Bay.

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Second this - Bini’s is great