Recommendations for Lucca & Turin?

Hey y’all!

Long time no post :slight_smile:
I happen to be traveling to Lucca for a few days early June, with one evening in Turin…
I’d love any recommendations you might have for good, not ridic expensive places.

Grazie mille!

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Love Turin. About to book my fourth trip. There are some famous high end kitchens (like Consorzio) but my two favourites are very different. L’Acino, Via San Domenico 2/A near the Porta Palazzo market. They book up well in advance so make a reservation. It’s medium priced, very typical Piemontese cuisine, locally sourced (you get a list of where everything is purchased) expertly presented. For a more relaxing but bustling time go to Piola da Cianci, Largo IV Marzo, 9/b - No reservations - cheap! Sometimes wonderful, sometimes OK. Fun and in a lovely square close to the Giardini Reale - Let us know where you go.

Thanks so much for your recommendations. I was actually considering L’Acino, so it’s nice to hear that it’d be a good choice.

Guess I better get hoppin’ on making that rez :slight_smile:

For sure! They have only two sittings per night, although will occasionally seat a couple at a bar stool table at the front. The food becomes a bit samey - like most of Turin’s offerings to be honest, they are sticklers for tradition and strict adherence to the original recipe - but it is really is a great choice to taste things. Let me see if I can post my recommendations!

I sent them a Facebook msg (thanks, google translate :-D). We’ll be 4, and I asked for a rez at 9 pm. Is that when their second sitting starts? I vaguely remember reading about the two sittings on TA, and it would work well with our plans, as two of our group are likely busy until 9 pm.

So actually, 9:30 would be even better.

OK my blog entry for your pleasure (I hope) that has photos and thoughts about L’Acino -

It might be 9pm I can’t quite remember. I always take the earlier time. At least one of you show up at 9 and you should be fine. Meals are never hurried in Torino! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. The souffle and the Zabaglione are my favourites.

One more thing. If you know anybody who speaks Italian, I’d call them and not just rely on Facebook. I seem to remember though that their English is fairly good.

They replied, but sadly, they’re not open on Monday(s). Feh.

Do you have an opinion about any of these?

Ristorante Galante
La Taverna dei Mercanti
La Cappanina
Porto di Savona

Oh those darn Mondays! I don’t know the others. I’m trying to think. If Piola da Cianci is too casual…hmmm. We had a fantastic meal at one place that was a bit pricy - Magazzino52

I see loads of good reviews at Scannabue . I have never been to Tre Galline but it’s open on Monday - prices will be high but it’s very well ranked.

I do hope you have something lovely. Check the menus and see if any of them are like L’Acino. As I said, the menus in Torino tend to have more or less the same Piemontese offerings. Although I don’t know the Mercanti restaurant you mentioned, the area is pretty interesting at night - maybe even Mondays! It’s in the Latin quarter and it’s a great place to look around.

I’m mostly interested in local specialties (pasta with truffles, local beef, etc.), and would prefer for it to not be too pricy, if possible.

Judging from your reply, you’ve not been to or heard anything about the places I mentioned above?

You’re right. I haven’t! Truffles are found in October so I don’t think you’ll get that. To be honest, although the food may not be magnificent , with one night to spare I’d go somewhere that allows you to experience the city a bit more. For fancier, La Taverna dei Mercanti you mentioned allows you to eat well and explore a very interesting neighbourhood, Quadrilatero. And Piola da Cianci may be very simple and cheap and the food may or may not knock your socks off, but it’s fun, lively, has a lovely setting and is right next to the astonishing market of Porta Palazzo (likely closed by then since no restaurant opens before 7 or 730pm, but still a sight) and the Quadrilatero. You’ll get a decent typically local starter, a choice of pasta with different sauces including rabbit and the local tajin pasta, a main course and a local dessert. Everywhere in Turin prides itself on local Piemontese dishes. You’re unlikely to lose wherever you go. Let us know where you eat including in Lucca so I can add to my list. By the way, do a search for Turin or Torino in here and there may be some other recommendations. I do find, however, that these forums can cater more to the Michelin star lover.

We ate quite well in Lucca – lunch usually meant a selection of local foccacie, taleggio, local cold cuts, tomatoes.

The first night we went to some trattoria famous for its pollo fritto & fried vegetables. Meh.

I do have a recommendation for [Osteria del Vecchio Olivo] – most definitely not a secret, judging from the rather international crowd, and a little outside of Lucca in Montecarlo.
Very good appetizers (the asparagus flan with pistachio and cheese sauce was incredible),
the paste were fabulous, and the mains were delicious as well.
Ridiculously cheap, too.

As for Turino, we had very good pizza at La Capannina,
but I wouldn’t say it’s worth the 20 min shlep from the town center.

We also had amazing gelato (salted pistachio!) at La Bottega Del Gelato (


what took you there? :slight_smile: Not too far out but…was it near your hotel? We are going to try Piano35 when we go back. the menu is interesting - it’s a stone’s throw from your pizza place.

Many of the places we wanted to go to weren’t open on Mondays, and my friend was in the mood for pizza.