Recommendations for Liverpool

I’ve been super quiet. I should catch you all up one of these days. Going to be in Liverpool on Sunday and Monday and don’t know where to eat. Not into Michelin Star or high end dining, as you all know (if you know me). Something quirky with lots of variety. I like spice too. @Harters, you mentioned Roski but it’s probably posher than I want to do. So where’s a lively place with a good reputation? I’m staying on Chapel Street. Any of the many Italian places worth going to? Thanks! Oh, I need a good lunch I can linger over too before my train at 6pm.


You need @willowan - Emlyn is the forum’s “chief scouser”.

By the by, Roski is not at all posh and is very relaxed, even though they “do things right”.

My only other offering in the city is Lunya - very decent tapas (and I still havent go to their Manchester branch). Or one of the two branches of Delifonseca (it’s a while since I was last there but presume it’s still good) -

Nice to hear from you, Jan

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Roski is closed Sunday and Monday - so that’s that, and Delifonseca closes at 5pm on a Sunday so that’s that one off the list. I have looked at Lunya and will think about it . Considering Bacaro since it’s very convenient if it’s raining, also have recommendations for Mowgli and Chao Phraya. Otherwise we will look for the closest pasta place, have a glass of red wine and then sleep like babes! Liverpool is playing Man City tomorrow so we are also prepared for it to be a rather boisterous night!

I’ve been to the Manchester branch of Chaophraya. Decent Thai place, IMO (alhtough I am absolutely not an expert on the cuisine). Mowgli is a mini-chain specialising in South Asian street food. Not been so can’t comment

I’m not a Thai food fan but I do love a plate of spicy noodles. Mowgli isn’t exactly what I had in mind but it’s in my back pocket. I need to scope out something Sichuan for the Monday lunch maybe. Haha.

Sorry to be late to the scouse party

Within walking distance of Chapel street…

Etsu - Japaense - not posh and super reliable - the seared tuna is my personal favourite. Not open Monday lunch though.

Rudys- Neopolitan pizza - no frills but decent soft base pizza and usually have some decent guest beers/ales by the bottle

Mowgli - two locations - Castle Street - you can book there - is closest to where you staying and Bold Street - bit more boho - buzzier room and no bookings so you may have to wait. Often go there on a Sunday afternoon as prefer it to Castle Street which is more businessy. If you like beer there is a Brewdog 5 mins walk away so a ‘safe’ environment to wait in or Berry and Rye ( if you can get in ) a speakeasy/cocktails place with no sign on the door but often a queue :slight_smile:

Bold Street has lots of independent places.
A few worth trying include

Maray - small plates, with all that implies both good and bad - though the cauliflower is a must try - nice little (tiny ) cocktail bar downstairs.

Italian Club fish - used to be THE place to go - still solid but wouldn’t rush there unless you really after Italian

The Little Shoe - cafe type room and only been once since it had a relaunch but nice folk and worthy of support/ do go and let me know if its good :slight_smile:

And not forgetting Wreckfish - run by a fairly well known crowdfunding oop north chef Gary Usher

Not cheap but nicely done out room and solid bistro food. Harters loves his Manc gaff too !

Personally wouldn’t touch Bacaro - formulaic /chain feel small plates though a buzzy room or Chaophraya - a bit soulless IMO.

The quintessential Italian experience , if not food, in town is Casa Italia -

Queues up the street - noisy - and years since I ate there ! Me mum and dad love it.

I dont eat Chinese but I think this place is meant to be okay IF ( and only IF ) you eat from the Chinese menu

I went once and found it utterly ‘meh’.

Oh and Lime Street is in a culinary desert - where are you before heading for your train ?

Hope this helps. Let me know if you need pub recs or similar :slight_smile:

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…Liverpool is playing Man City tomorrow so we are also prepared for it to be a rather boisterous night!

Mr H,
May the best team win :slight_smile:

A six pointer of mega proportions, mate.

As for your reccs, I’m sure Wreckfish would be as good as Hispi (one of my regular places). And I presume Rudy’s Pizza is an offshoot of the original Manc place - damn good pizza if so.

Well, I suspect that’s the season over for us already. Just can’t see Liverpool slipping up as much as we need them to slip up.

Long way to go yet Mr H. Also think Pep would gladly give up the title in return for Champions League - and we would be happy to swap :slight_smile:

For sure.

I know the visit “oop North” has been and gone but, for future visits, may I throw into the mix

Ormond/Bixteth Street Corner
L3 9NA

A new (?) offshoot from one of my fave Manchester places. Indian - and entirely vegan/vegetarian. If it’s half as good as the Manc one, it’ll be worth a visit. Go on Tuesday or Wednesday for the thali. Really good.

By the by, Chaophyra has just closed its Manchester city centre branch. I understand the group’s other outlets remain open. That includes Thaikhun in Spinningfields - their mini chain that seems to me to be dumbed down food (just havent fancied the menu so not been). And the surprisingly decent all-you-can-shovel-in buffet, Chaobaby, at the Trafford Centre.