Recommendations for kid places in/near Seekonk MA?

Hey Onions. Long story, but I’ll be traveling to Seekonk (which is right next to Providence RI essentially) to visit with a 13 y.o. for a while. If i can get him to be interested in something other than burgers, pizza, or ice cream . . . . anywhere you’d recommend? I have zero familiarity with this area.


Sounds like you don’t want to necessarily venture into Providence proper, which I get. It’s fun to seek out food hyper-locally, for better or worse. That is a tough area for food even for a diehard Rhode Islander / SE MA-fan like me. There is Blount clam shack in Riverside. We always go to the one in Warren so I have no idea what the Riverside location is like.

We also had a good meal at Avenue N in East Providence (Rumford specifically) but that was eons ago.

Exploring clam shacks is a great idea. Thanks for the suggestion.

I’m willing to venture into Providence too - but you’re right I’d like to help him explore his new town (he is relocating). But I’m sure we’ll have bigger occasions that will take us into Providence, so if you have some ideas there too . … I’ll take them. Otherwise I’m relying on yelp . . . . (shivers in horror)