Recommendations for fresh ground coffee in Middlesex County [NJ]

I retired my Keurig and got a regular coffee maker recently. Not happy with the quality of canned grounds, I got some fresh ground beans at Delicious Orchards which was a big improvement. But I’m not going to drive to D.O. every time for them and I don’t want to keep much on hand as it loses freshness. Does anybody have recommendations for supermarkets that have good quality bean coffee they can grind on the spot?

My recommendation isn’t exactly what you are looking for (sorry in advance) but I suggest you buy a burr grinder and grind your own beans when you want a cup. If you store your beans properly, they will stay fresher longer. We have this one and it is a true workhorse. I grind a pound of coffee a week for cold brew and have been doing this routine for several years.

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I concur with Gracie! If you’re going to grind your own, get a good grinder!
Then you have to figure out whose coffee you like. Every supermarket now has their own beans + many others… I suggest you try a couple (Wegmans, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods…and/or a good brand like Peet’s or even Mellita) and then you’ll be set!
Fwiw, I don’t grind my own beans, because I learned years ago that I could use any regular ground coffee along with Melita a decaf and it’s a fantastic cup of coffee. I now use Melita is Columbian supreme mixed with decaf in a $20 Mr. Coffee drip machine (reusable filter basket) and it makes great coffee-when people are here they always comment on how good it is .

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I bought one of those automatic expresso/coffee machine about 5 years ago (Delonghi Magnifica ). Yes, it’s expensive but if you drink a cup or 2 a day, i really think it’s worth it especially if you drink any expresso drinks.

The thing about grocery beans in those fill your own shoots and the grocery grinders is they arent cleaned often enough and the bean turnover is slow.

But Peets whole beans at any market and a burr grinder works. If you find yourself near a local roaster, give them a try. I go to one in Atl Highlands, sample a brew and decide. If you drink coffee daily, convenient access is key.

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