Recommendations for Black Forest Cake in Westchester, NY?


I’ve been trying to find a bakery or restaurant that makes black forest cake.
If anyone knows of places that make it please let me know.
I have a budget, so nothing beyond $20, if possible.

(Lauren D) #2

Jean Jacques in Pleasantville may have it, although I’m not sure if it would be $20 or under. Also - not in Westchester (sorry!), but the best one for miles can be found in Greenwich, CT at (appropriately named!) Black Forest Pastry Shop. Worth the trip and money IMHO. A real old-school German bakery that knows what it’s doing. :slight_smile:


Rockland bakery and Carousel cakes make Black Forest, as do most bakeries but they are going to cost more than you want to spend. DeCicco’s carries some of their cakes. You can try a super market to see if they will make one for you. You could get away with under $20.00 if you order a smaller size cake. Some of Stop and shop’s cakes aren’t terrible. You could also try Coco Choco, they are reasonable and may make one for you. I agree with Sra. Swanky, if you don’t go for the real deal, just go with the most affordable, they’re usually all the same.

(Gwenn) #4

Do they make stuff with marzipan? I love the stuff. If so, I will make the trip too!!

(Lauren D) #5

They do make marzipan & chocolate marzipan. :slight_smile: I’d call & see which pastries they make with it, but you can definitely get your marzipan fix there.


As much as I so very much love almond paste, that is how much I don’t love marzipan :disappointed_relieved:


If you feel like attempting to bake one, David Lebovitz has a great version on his blog.