Recommendations for [Apsley], [Bancroft] ,[Maynooth], [Whitney], [Barry's Bay]?

Any type of food or drink.

I plan to try the Swiss Bear in Apsley.

Sun Run Café in Maynooth

Good family restaurant! Cafe BC in Bancroft. I tried the Smaczny Special and Jägerschnitzel.

Banquet Burger FTW

In Barry’s Bay

Wattle & Daub Café in Bancroft

Vito’s Special pizza (mushroom, green pepper, pepperoni, bacon and ham) and Lasagna from Vito’s in Bracebridge.

There is also a Vito’s in Barry’s Bay.

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Very slow service at Polka Spudz. The man taking the orders was friendly, the woman cooking and handing the orders out wouldn’t crack a smile. She seemed annoyed that I went to a ice cream shop to grab a milkshake after I had already been waiting 25 minutes- meaning my hot dog was ready when I got back. They had no customers when I picked up my hot dog just before 2 pm.

I waited around 30 to 40 minutes for a grilled hot dog at 1:20 pm on a non- holiday Monday up here Canada.

They cook things in order of when each meal was placed, and there were some larger orders (burger and fries for 2, schnitzel sandwiches for 4), ahead of mine. Not complaining about their system, just expect a wait even when they aren’t that busy.

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Wattle and Daub Café in Bancroft. Cute spot. I got the pickled pork (porchetta, pickles and bbq sauce) and French Onion (like French Onion soup in a panini) grilled sandwiches to go, along with a lemon cookie.

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The Granite
This is the fancy restaurant and patio in Bancroft right now. Mains are around $30- $40. Nice atmosphere for a patio overlooking the town.

We got the goat cheese stuffed chicken supreme with mash, the butter chicken and a salad to go. It was all decent, maybe a little pricey for what it was. Nice servers.

Most restaurants in Bancroft focus on things like poutine, wings, burgers, sandwiches and pizza.

I wasn’t in the mood for a chip wagon food, or greasy spoon food, and this was the right place for restaurant food that felt a little lighter and healthier tonight.

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McG’s Cakes on Main in Bancroft