Recommendation requested for quiet, fine dining near Eliot Hotel [Boston MA]

Been so long since I’ve done more than take out I’ve lost touch with things. Dear friends are coming to town in May, staying at the Eliot. Getting on in years so hearing across the table is an issue. Any suggestions for a nice place, preferably with veg options, in the area these days? Many thanks in advance.


Uni at the hotel is a solid option. The imported-from-Tokyo sashimi is pricey but pristine; the sushi bar is a tiny bit overpriced but very good; the izakaya menu makes the whole thing decently affordable and boasts some nice vegetarian dishes.

I really like this incarnation of the space: it’s looser and cheaper. (The bathroom is equally hard to find, especially after a couple of pops.) I lived nearby in the Clio/Uni era and often wished it were a little less extravagant and the bar better. This version fixes both those things.

I suspect a call ahead could get you some off-menu veg options, too.


I like that option, thank you, I will have to see our guests will concur.

Let me add to the chorus about how welcome your contributions to the board are. Hope also to see you being published more again soon.


I second MC on the Uni suggestion, well suited in every way. An alternative could be Deuxave, roughly across the street. Modern French menu, with vegetarian option. Very civilized setting conducive to conversation.


Thanks, Max. I’ve eaten there in the before times…is it more or less as it was? I’ll forward that menu, too.

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My experience is also limited to before times, sadly.