Recipes you have made . And thought will I make this again?

I was just thinking about this while I was washing out the bowl that contained hummus. Was it good . I say yes . Will I be making it again . Probably not .
I do have recipes that I will make again for sure.
Recipes you have tried. Meh or I will definitely be making this again?

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PB&J sandwich with canned oysters.

Not doing that again.


The only thing that comes to mind was my “Shake and Bake” Tofu attempt.
My girlfriend literally spit it out… It was a HUGE fail, won’t be making that again.

There are some dishes that require a lot of preparation, with multiple steps and thus a lot of cleanup. I have to be in the mood to deal with the extra work and running the dishwasher twice.
Thanksgiving dinner comes to mind, I’m glad it only comes once a year, as my kitchen is a disaster after the meal.


Nice thread idea.

There was a great chowhound thread about COTM/DOTM recipes that people have made 3 times or more, as an indicator of good-enough-to-go-into rotation.

What’s on your list of make-again? Recipe links would be helpful if they’re available.

I don’t often follow a recipe, so when I do and like it enough to repeat, I have to write it down somewhere to remind myself (I have a meal ideas list by ingredient, which I refer to for ideas/inspiration).

I’ll circle back with some links of recipes I repeat (though many of them have been shared here before when people ask for recs).


Are you asking for recipes that did or didn’t work… or both? It’s a bit unclear to me from your OP.

The former likely aren’t memorable enough (unless they were downright awful), for the latter I def have a few that are on heavy rotation.

I have a recipe for Bolognese sauce (Pasta Classica by Julia Della Croce). It’s flippin delicious, but I have not made it in quite some time.
It takes 4 hours, requires 4 different types of meat, and–since I double the recipe–this pot of sauce ends up costing close to $50. I’ve tried making it without the prosciutto to bring down the cost, but it’s not the same.


I am unsure whether you’re talking about “dishes” or “recipes”?

I have tried many recipes I would not make again, but not the dishes they produced (just perfected them or found better ones).

You mentioned hummus… was that just due to a lousy recipe?, because I find homemade superior to store bought (but don’t use canned chickpeas).

As for “dishes”… one that come to mind is Bastilla. I like it, but the hours of hands on to make it is just not worth it to me. And while I luv pasta, a Lasagne is also something I rarely do.


To simplify the question. Recipes or dishes you won’t make again or will make again.

Always use fresh oysters in PB&J. Duh.

So was your hummus a recipe or dish?

As for recipes I’ll make again…

But I have many more of them that I have just not gotten around to posting. (c;


Soak dried chickpeas overnight… then rinse and put in a pot of salted water and simmer for an hour or two.

While they’re cooking, Measure out the minimum amount of white hulled sesame seeds that you can successfully process in your blender or food processor (for my blender this is about half a cup). Toast them in a stainless steel skillet over medium low to medium heat, stirring every 30 seconds or so until light, golden brown. Remove from heat and let cool. Then grind the seeds in the blender or FP with a splash of olive oil until you have a thin-ish peanut buttery texture.

Rinse and drain the chickpeas, and add to the sesame mixture with garlic, lemon juice, the herbs (basil, cilantro, parsley, etc.) and other flavors of your choice (sundried tomato, caramelized onion, chiles, etc.), with ground cumin and oregano/cayenne/paprika/coriander/ancho chile powder/etc., and blend/process until medium smooth. Yum!

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Now you tell me.

Well, you didn’t ask me, silly!

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I like it better homemade but not that much better than commercial, so I don’t do it very often. Maybe twice a year.

I have found dedicated recipes for dry/soak and also for using canned beans, and both can be fine.
Although I like soaking my own overall - same thing with making falafel.

If you see a hummus or falafel recipe that says you can use equal amounts of dry or canned chickpeas interchangeably - run.


For me, if it tastes good, I’ll probably make it again.

If it tastes good but isnt worth the time and effort, I’ll find another recipe and try again.

Ricotta…was interesting, but not enough better than good-quality store-bought to justify the effort


Never make again? One that instantly comes to mind is RR’s French onion soup style mashed potatoes on her 30 minute meal show.

Now I knew going in that you can’t(or shouldn’t anyway imo) do caramelized onions in 20 mins. But after almost 1 1/2 hours staying by the stove/oven, I was kicking myself and felt like a darn fool for attempting to make it for a simple weeknight side dish. And it was just ok. My fault, I should have known better.:slightly_smiling_face:


Hello friends I will never make again or I will never taste again is the bahubali sandwitch. I can’t eat that much.

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Not a recipe per se…

Years ago, I helped a friend show her children what went into making tofu. We started with raw soy beans early in the morning, and after hours of work involving lots of equipment, ended up with one block of tofu that evening. It tasted like the fresh tofu (not aged) one gets in grocery store. Cleaning all the equipment was as much work as making the tofu.

I am glad I helped with this, but will never do it again.