Recipes on Gravestones

I thought this article was delightful.


Why not?

I love this idea. I have no plans for a grave or gravestone but if I did, I’m pretty sure my kids would have something like this engraved on it: “She pulled random things out of the fridge, repurposed them into a “new” dish, and called it dinner far too often.”


Aww, I think that’s not only an adorable idea to remember and honor the best of memories of our loved ones, but it’s super practical too. And why not spread some joy to a stranger or give a moment of some love to someone else’s grieving loved one. Thumbs up from me on this.

@tcamp - for my dad, it would be he just threw all leftovers into one dish and ate it and never complained.


FamishedFunyuns died doing what he loved: insert chicken fried steak with gravy recipe.

Yeah, you can bet those cookies are great.

Love this idea.