Recipe review and comments

Anyone else get their twisted amusement out of reading the comments on recipes online?

I typically browse the comments and, although a lot of them are valid, some of them are just way over the top.

I particularly like the ones that say " This recipe was nothing like the one from the restaurant- I substituted low fat this and omitted that etc. blah, blah."

I just finished making Zahav’s Hummus recipe from NYT, which turned out quite nicely but some of the comments leave me scratching my head.


The comments saying the writer changed, say, up to four ingredients–and they loved (or hated) the final result, always amuse me. :ok_hand:


I always browse the comments but completely discount those that include a laundry list of changes. I review recipes myself but ONLY if I have followed the recipe more or less exactly or made only tiny changes. If I have changed anything substantial, I was using the recipe for inspiration rather than direction and it’s completely unfair and unhelpful to review it under those circumstances.

I also remind myself when I’m reading comments that not everyone actually knows how to follow a recipe, nor is everyone a good enough cook to interpret a recipe that isn’t written 100% clearly on a 2nd grade reading level.


Most comment sections make me want to quit the Internet.



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I am SO obsessed with that hummus lately… But i do that and make something weekly for weeks or even months on end until i find a new dish to obsess over… :slight_smile:

What cracks me up about recipe comments is that to even post a comment you have to have an account and log in and blach blah just to then say such rediculous things about how badly they botched the clear instructions or how can they make it a month ahead and freeze and leave room temperature all day and if i use frozen peas instead of chickpeas that’s totally fine right?
I skim comments like i do yelp reviews- just an overall idea of positive vs negative vs irrelevant. If i see lots of the same potentially valid comments (about meaurements or seasoning etc) i keep that in mind making the recipe but that feeback isn’t the norm

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Yeah- I was following the discussion off chow that piqued my curiosity to make more hummus. I was laughing at some of the dialogue that was going on.

I definitely note some of the constructive comments and take into consideration.

The comments that make me nuts are from people that have no input at all, except “That sounds so good!” or “I’m going to make this!” How about posting after you make it, you’re littering the page.

Check out the third comment in the thread. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I call it recipe sabotage . Looks good . Doesn’t work . You can spot them a mile away .

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