Recipe: Pableaux Johnson's turkey bone gumbo

“Turkey Bone Gumbo is an early-holiday favorite for cooks and families throughout South Louisiana. It’s a stock-first, roux-last affair preparation — so it’s not exactly a quick affair, but more than worth it when you’ve got some puttering around the house to do. (Which makes it PERFECT for the hazy, zombiefied days after the annual PilgrimFest).”

“This works well with your standard leftover bird carcass and is so much better than standard turkey soup, you can’t even IMAGINE.”

Essay by Pableaux Johnson about gumbo:

I haven’t tried this recipe, but I have gotten into the habit of making turkey gumbo after T-day. Thanksgiving is my favorite meal of the year, and the gumbo doubles the pleasure!


Gumbo schmumbo. I am going to make that turkey pozole verde

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I make pozole verde with shredded oyster mushrooms instead of poultry, but otherwise a recipe very similar to Johnson’s. Love having big bowls of it, heaped with all the toppings!