Recent trip to Paris

At Gao Thom, Saveurs d’Asie, the young waitress recognized uis when we came in, although we hadn’t been there for two years, and immediately spoke English with us. The food was as good as always, simple Vietnamese food, well cooked. It’s always the first place we go to when we’re in Paris, as it’s close to the hotel we stay in.

Chez Alain Miam Miam is a place I had read about on the internet. There are two locations. We were going to see the Carnevalet museum and had to have something for lunch, so we went to the location that was closer to the museum, rue Charlot. This appears to be the main location. The owner served us. All the sandwiches are made on the spot. He asked us about each ingredient. Which bread, lettuce, tomatoes, radishes (I think), which meat or meats, which cheese. He offered me a taste of the Comté, but since it’s a cheese we know well, I just said that we would take it. Since the sandwiches are big, we only ordered one for the two of us. My wife, who loves sandwiches, loved it. So did I.


Has anyone else tried chezl’ami jean? We love it.

Yes. We were in Paris for a month just before the pandemic and had a great time (& meal) at L’Ami Jean. We’re (hopefully) going to be back in Paris late Sept thru Oct and its high on the list for a return visit (or two). Everything, from the chef/owner’s entertainment value to the rice pudding for dessert was excellent.
Did you go anywhere else interesting?

L’ebauchoir in the 2d did the best job with/use of vegetables of any place I can remember. And with meat and fish. The Minipalais in the Grand Palau’s is a great place for lunch, and La fumoir right by the louvre is very nice. I haven’t been to La regalade in a while, but I’ve liked it a lot

I tend to look at the Michelin Bib Gourmand lists, and also John Talbots excellent blog.

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Thanks. We’re always looking for new recommended places to try when we’re there. JT hasn’t been back there yet &, as far as we know, his blog is on hiatus until he returns. Hoping that’ll be by the time we get there in the fall since we always have lunch with him when we’re there. By the way, the Paris board on CH is actually one of the only ones that still has good recommendations & conversation. Worth a look.

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johntannerbbq: Totally as an aside, but something you might get a kick out of, is that we were walking from a great recommended bakery (Ble Sucre) to the Marche d’aligre & passed a place called “Rhino Rouge”. Took their card and meant to go back but never got the chance to. Take a look –

Ha! Ha! I did go to a Texas BBQ place in Paris, the Beast, near the Place de La Republique. It was, well, okay, but I felt like I’d wasted a meal, and I’ve sworn of barbecue in France.

There’s a genuinely good- very good place in Amsterdam, Pendergast. I’d go back there, but then Amsterdam isn’t Paris

We ran into/met the chef/owner of FLESH on Louis Blanc while having dinner at Fulgurances. We never got there, but given his passion and food sensibilities, I’d say its worth a barbeque/flame visit.

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There is an upcoming Barbecue Expo in Paris, March 18-19-20.


Thanks, onzieme! We always live well when your boots are on the ground.


Welcome, great to see you!

For those who are traveling in Paris now, there is the Paris Cocktail Week 22 (7-14 March). Theme is Japanese spirit.

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I’m going to send this BBQ link to my cousin in Paris, and see if he wants to join HO :slight_smile:
Welcome back, @onzieme!

Hmm…Barbecue Expo, I guess H might be interested, I’ll ask him as well. Thanks for the info.

How does one even do a bbq expo unless you want the entire expo hall to smell like smoked porcine goodness?

Where do they smoke the meat?

Interesting question. The website said there are indoor and outdoor shows. Indoor will focus on plancha cooking. It’s the first time, I believe, never heard of this expo.

I guess it makes sense to have an expo where people are unfamiliar with barbecue. I think I’ll skip it

Not sure I can agree. LOL! Every home that has a garden here, there is barbecue.

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Ah! A barbecue grill for steaks or chicken or fish for a cookout (the Northern definition), but not to make barbecue of the sort they sold at the Beast – pork shoulders and whole brisket (the Southern definition). I had presumed the expo is for the Southern definition.
While we were courting, my wife-to-be (from CT) asked me my favorite food. I said barbecue. She wasn’t sure what I was talking about. OF course, I didn’t know what a grinder was.


It gets worse in British English. As in:

"Would you like to come for lunch? We’re having a barbeque. I’m going to barbeque some steaks on the barbeque. "

This Canadian grew up calling the gas or charcoal BBQ a BBQ, and anything made on it was BBQed.

Sometimes we BBQed shish-kabobs on our Hibachi.

I didn’t have American smoky -type BBQ until a visit to Virgil’s in 1997. I’ve only had various regional American-style BBQ meats around 2 dozen times in my life.