Recent experiences at China Village Albany?

I was wondering what people’s recent experiences at China Village have been like? We went probably about a month ago and had a disappointing meal. One of the things we ordered were the hand cut noodles with spicy fish which in the past has been excellent, but that night it was dreadful – gloopy and bland and not at all like it used to be. Mapo tofu was mediocre, again not nearly as good as in the past. Prior to this dinner our last experience here was when we got takeout which was also dissaponting. I wonder if they have a new chef or something? I was wondering if other people have noticed a similar thing or if it was just an anomaly. We are thinking of going back tonight but are unsure after our last experience.

I only go there for lunch, and it’s been about the same. A few weeks ago a group of about ten of us had a variety of dishes that were fine, except for the beer-braised duck with noodles where the duck was kind of tough.

Have you ever tried Sichuan Style Restaurant (formerly King Tsin), just up the road on Solano? Food is near identical to China Village but I’ve never had a bad experience there.

One of the best waiters formerly from China Village owns Sichuan Style and he brought one of the chefs with him. Always have a great experience and love bringing my family.

We tried Sichuan style when they first opened and at that time we liked China Village better. But I am thinking it’s time to go back and give it another try.