Really?!?!? This is SO wrong on SO many levels . . .(Michael Bauer) [SFB]

As reported by SF Eater, you – yes, YOU – can have dinner with Michael Bauer, the restaurant critic of the San Francisco Chronicle for only $2,000 . . . plus the cost of your meal!

(I encourage you all to read the linked article – it’s hysterically funny!)


On a slightly more serious note, does Michael Bauer TRULY thinks no one knows what he looks like? (“Though he continues to insist on anonymity . . .”)

And how about

Michael Bauer is a writer of considerable stature in the culinary world. His restaurant reviews for the San Francisco Chronicle change the destinies of restaurants and the careers of chefs. Dining with him is an experience akin to hanging out with the world’s biggest rockstar.

Really? REALLY???

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Allow me to suggest that post titles should be a little more descriptive.

Added M Bauer to the title