Really excellent bagels in the Greater Boston (MA) area

I have always loved both the bagels and the cream cheese at Bagel World (several locations, North Shore) but my current rounds do not land me near any of their locations, sadly. I have become very fond of the bagels at Levend Bagelry in Boston Public Market although their cream cheese is not to my taste at all. Had my first Bagelsaurus experience this morning. After waiting 45 minutes in line I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to be rewarded with an excellent bagel or underwhelmed so I never have to do that again. As it happened, I LOVED the Bagelsauraus bagel – but then I love sourdough and it was definitely a sourdough bagel.

Where have you found excellent bagels?


I’m a fan of the Bagelsaurus bagels too, though it’s always been the s.o. who has gone to get them during the week, so I don’t think she’s hit any 45 minute lines!

Rosenfeld’s in Newton Centre is also quite good.

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I like the Bagelsauras bagels, too. Going mid-morning on a weekday is your best bet if you want to avoid long lines. On weekends, they have pre-packed bags of a dozen bagels for “grab and go.” Their sandwiches are very good, too, especially their breakfast ones and the hot-smoked salmon.

Mariposa bakery in Central Square makes an interesting version of bagel, a sort of cross between a pretzel and a bagel. I quite like it.

The Boston area is not bagel heaven (but even New York is less and less so these days). In a pinch I’ve been able to survive on Iggy’s bagels from their bakery on Fawcett. They’re chewy, at least, and not overly puffy.

The bagels at Mamaleh’s in Kendall were OK, as I recall, but I don’t remember if they make them in-house. They do have several kinds of smoked fish though, and are worth a visit just for that – when you’re flush with cash. Their sable, for example, is from Acme in Brooklyn (the source of most of NYC’s sable), but at a 30% surcharge over NYC prices.

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I really like the Levend bagels, too. I’m also a big fan of Bagelsaurus (probably my favorite, just edging out Levend.) My husband and I just enjoyed the sesame bagels from Iggy’s (so many sesame seeds!) for breakfast this morning. I understand they are not New York style, but more like Montreal. I can’t speak from experience. (A couple of mini sticky buns for dessert can’t hurt, either.)

I haven’t managed to try the bagels at Mameleh’s so far, since there are so many tempting menu items. I’d be surprised if they don’t make them in-house, since their pastry work is pretty awesome.

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Long time lurker of this site and the other one, just want to pitch in and say that my family are big fans of Brooklyn Water Bagels in Framingham. We are in the habit of picking up half a dozen on Friday morning and have those for the weekend.

Although it is a franchise place, and the shape of the bagel can swing from perfect to just…bewildering depending on the day, the quality is really quite good, and better than Rosenfeld’s in my opinion. And they have U-Bet syrup and seltzer to make your own egg cream! Caveat: the bialy they make is probably too big and not as good as Mamaleh’s in-house ones, and the owner is hilariously grumpy.

That said, and having tried a few well known NY spots, Brooklyn Waters is probably the closest thing you can get to a NY bagel. I have not stood in line for Bagelsauraus so cannot offer up any comparison.


Wow, glad you delurked, this place was definitely not on my radar – thanks!.

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Somerville Bread company makes excellent bagels but only on the weekends.

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Oh, I forgot about this place. I’ll have to give it a try. Welcome!

2nd all of this this, BWB is definitely the closest thing to an authentic NYC bagel in these parts. Now I just wish they were closer to the city.

Also, we have a bunch of bialy freaks here and everyone loves the Mamaleh’s bialy. The existence of these bialys and their outstanding house lox has saved us some serious shipping charges from NY.

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This is my fav. I wish they were closer to Boston. Excellent half moons too!

I really like Bagelsaurus but my only complaint is that they are too big. I always cut one in half unless I’m really looking for a carb overload. I like the fact that they have a crispy crust but a nice soft chewy interior and I really like their chive cream cheese too.

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Yes, half a Bagelsaurus bagel is plenty for me too unless I am in full glutton mode.

I have enjoyed those from Bagelsaurus (and I’m in the minority - I think they’re the perfect size) and Bread Obsession (available in my neck of the woods at Berman’s in Lexington on, I think, Thursdays but it’s been a while). These are on the smallish size, nice chew.

I liked the one at Ames Street Deli before they shuttered. They grilled it up, which I loved. Quite a decadent bagel.

As for bagel sandwiches, I’m addicted to the smoked salmon on an Iggy’s multigrain at Kickstand Cafe in Arlington. I’m normally not a smoked salmon fan since I find it too salty, but whatever they use at Kickstand is awesome and the sandwich is always perfectly constructed. It retains its integrity with every bite, which I love. Drives me nuts when a sandwich falls apart as you’re eating it.

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We’ve been relying on Breuggers in West Newton, for lack of a closer/better alternative. Have not yet been to the new Finagle-a-Bagle place nearby.

Up until a bit over a year ago we actually enjoyed the bagels at Dunkin Donuts. But something happened and they are just awful now. At first we thought it was a local switch, but we discovered the same change had taken place at a D&D we frequent in the NH Dartmouth Mt. Sunapee region. Anyone have a clue as to what happened to D&D bagels?

Somerville bread company makes bagels every day now. My feelings about them are mixed.

Dude are you effing kidding me? I respect your viewpoint, but Dunkin’ Donuts bagels? They are an abomination. I can’t think of a bigger waste of calories and I’ve had one at Logan out of desperation.


Lol. I first thought the same thing - but then realized never in my life had I had a DD bagel … or even thought to order one. Guess now I shouldn’t.

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No kidding - hear me out. Up until about a year and a half ago, we got decent - not great, but decent - bagels from DD - nice toothy crust, fluffy on the inside, the everything had toasted garlic, coarse salt, poppy seeds … They were clearly fresh. Then something changed - and it changed seemingly at all DD’s. My Israeli SO backs me up on this. Now they are smaller, not fluffy inside, and despite assurances that they are delivered “fresh” daily, they seem more like one of those freezer bagels from the supermarket.

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“Fluffy on the inside” is not a characteristic of my exemplar bagel but to each his/her own. I appreciate all the data points.

(I’m Korean but I would never say I’m the arbiter of good taste in all things Korean. It all depends on your mama’s cooking!)

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Are you willing to elaborate? And don’t they open at 3PM. Not a great time to get bagels. They would be aged by the next morning.