Reality TV Chefs Can’t Compete In NYC’s Dining Scene Anymore

Interesting article


I’ve given up on Food Network. It was good in the beginning. Now it is simply idiocy: all Fieri and fake competitions all the time. I’m back to NPR and PBS.

I only watch it for new Ina Garten or Alton Brown programs.

Dieterle’s first restaurant was good. Talde’s too.

“Celeb” chef restaurants have little hope of survival without great food in nyc, given the overall stats.

Interesting read. I didn’t realize how many restaurants some of them had gown to in that short period of time. Talde grew to 8 restaurants in two cities. . . . . that’s a lot to manage - and I guess it didn’t work out in the end.

I think it’s hard to manage reality fame . . . . lots of attention, lots of ego - little “big world” experience, little “big world” talent (not always of course . . . but maybe more often than we’d like to admit).

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To be fair, the “franchises” are usually pushed by an investor group trying to capitalize on the celebrity while it lasts. Though I’m sure the chefs are happy to capitalize on it while it lasts.

Even Colicchio’s restaurants suffered post his TC celebrity.