Real tapas in South OC????

I was watching Jose Andres’ new show tonight and wondered if there are any ‘real’ Spanish tapas places in South OC (Newport Beach and South). I checked “tapas” on Yelp but most places’ menus don’t really have any depth of selection in the type of “authentic” (yeah, I know) tapas I see on shows like Andres’s. We’re looking for a place to go this Wednesday (9/ 27) so I’m hoping for some help. TIA

I like Vaca in Costa Mesa.

Not sure if that’s south enough for you, or authentic enough (never seen Andres’s, not even sure what that is) but the tapas selection was both extensive and interesting.

Though I will admit the best thing I’ve ever had at Vaca was their dry aged prime ribeye.

That six episode show of Andres with his daughters in Spain is fantastic! We loved it!

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Thanks. Vaca sounds like what I was looking for, if maybe a bit pricey.