Re: The war against genetically modified organisms

I’ll first say that I’ve never before complained about a web board’s moderation policies before. This is a rather curious (to me) first. But I do strongly object to the deletion of my last post, at least the first paragraph, while allowing the penultimate post to stand. Not cool.

I didn’t follow the argument or debate over there, because the whole Genetic thing is a bit too much for me at this point.

I do think, currently, we are leaning toward trying to “keep the peace and stay civil” since we are a new site and we probably don’t want to scare people away.

I do think there is something to be said about free form debates and arguments even if it get a little emotional. Sometime great points come from arguments and debates. Moreover, it help greater participation. As long as the debates are not “personal”, then I hope we can lean on open debates. It is a tough call to make of course because there isn’t a black vs white areas, but one big gray area.

P.S.: I have no idea if you guys crossed the line and went to personal attacks.

I don’t like censorship either. I’m perfectly able to handle any criticism, and personal attacks don’t bother me either (not that you had done so, I didn’t see your post).

but they turn everybody else off.
such posts should be deleted and if the poster insists on his God-given right to be him, they should be banned.

period. end of statement. this is a cooking related forum, not a political cesspool of methane gas flame wars.


Sure, but why censor the content and lock the thread? Warn the poster - but don’t punish the forum.

and ps, it’s not just cooking. :smile:

Absolutely. Sometime it isn’t just about the two persons in argument.

That being said, open debates are nice.

Anyway, there is something I forgot to say a couple of weeks ago, but this is the perfect time to share. I think: Not all boards should be treated the same. In my opinion, the policies and politics board is particularly so. It is probably a bad idea to allow one poster to heavily criticize another poster on his/her cookie recipe and say the recipe is the worst idea in the world. It is another thing that one poster heavily criticize another poster on the GMO stance, and claim the GMO policy is a bad idea or not.

These boards probably should be handled differently.

P.S.: Again, I didn’t pay attention to the GMO argument, so I have no idea how bad it went. Still, I think different boards should be handle slightly different.

open debates are nice -

I have not a quibble with that. when a participant can no longer contain their enthusiasm for their viewpoint and start with personal attacks and “how stupid you are” - well, it’s time to eliminate their participation.

over the years I have seen any number of individuals who join a group and then express their position:
“I am me, I have a right to my opinion, you are wrong, and I will neither muzzle myself nor apologize nor back down from the fact that you are an ass to have any opinion contrary to mine.”

it never ends well.

and I disagree that a perfectly civilized Forums may/can/should have sections of open warfare. it never ends well.

sex, politics, religion - three classic topics best excluded from places that wish to be friendly nice joints to hang around.

I disagree. I think sex can be nice to discuss. :smiley: Just kidding

In all fairness, I think we either allow a policies and political board and treat it differently, or we don’t have that board at all.

As much I love and deeply believe in my wonton recipe, I will hardly tell someone that “How stupid are you to use your recipe?” I could care less if someone insists to use his/her crappy recipe. I may roll my eyes, but that’s all. This is different than policy. People do deeply care if GMO crop will be banned or if big soda will get taxed…etc.

I’ve made the decision that all policies and politics discussion should be discussed at forums elsewhere designed for such discussions.

At this point, there is no resource to moderate boards that are prone to heated discussions. Heated discussions are not what Hungry Onion stands for- we want friendly discussions here.

All prior posts on the board have been removed.