Razor blade recommendations for scoring bread

No, not for shaving. These were in the home improvement section. The shaving section at my store didn’t have regular blades in stock, and I was told they don’t care single-edge razor blades for shaving.

Not sure where you live, but a drugstore place should have them (CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid) in USA. Or Amazon:


I’m trying out all the methods mentioned here to see what works best for me. Do you use just regular scissors like for sewing? Or something thinner?

I use stainless steel kitchen scissors.

Another Vote for the Scalpels. Cheap and very sharp

I use my kitchen scissors/shears. I snip a little bit at a time using just the tip. Maybe doesn’t give a supper smooth cut, but performs fine for the function.

I use a utility knife. I tried scissors, but they just made a mess. I like the scalpel idea, though.

Saw this in a reportage on a Parisian bakery - Boulangerie Utopie. They use a Gillette extreme extra.

To read the full article here (with a lot of photos): http://www.atabula.com/2017/04/26/dans-les-coulisses-dutopie-paris-meilleure-boulangerie-de-france/

Scalpel is sharper, safer, and has no corners to snag. Just sayin’…

My scalpel blades finally arrived. Do you wet/oil them, or just use as is?

May I throw this into the mix?

100%. 5* rating


Thanks for the recommendation. I will get around to ordering it. The help I received in my knife sharpening thread is starting to pay off. It started off very hard – sharpening with stones is one of those things that’s a pain to learn via YouTube – but as my knives get sharper and sharper, I’m using them more and using scalpels and razor blades less. Also, I’ve reduced the hydration of my standard dough by 5% and it’s made slashing much easier because I can shape better. After I get a good feel for it, I’ll start upping the hydration.

I completely agree about the high hydration. Definitely harder to get a clean cut.
There is definitely an art to scoring. One that I have certainly not mastered. But, improving, slowly but surely.

Sounds like you have gained a valuable new skill - Knife sharpening.