Raw Craft, hosted by A. Bourdain

(Dan) #1

Raw Craft, hosted by Anthony Bourdain. I have watched a view of the short videos on the shows YouTube channel. The topics include food industry stories. So far, I’m disappointed the episodes are so short in length. Anyone else tuning in?

(Dan) #2

Bob Kramer of Kramer Knives, episode 4, 12 mins. of skill and cooking. Recommend, one to watch.

(Dan) #3

While waiting for test results, I polished off all of the episodes. I enjoyed learning about each unique hand crafter and their products. AB made many food references throughout the series that brought both good fun and respect to each story. I hope the online show continues. The concept is right up my alley, offering a glance at products still made by hand in honor of craftsmanship and small production when so much we consume is neither.

(Dan) #4

I didnt realize there are more episodes to come. I just watched the newest one which covers crafting a drum out of 50 yr old whiskey barrel wood for the drummer of Green Day. Nice!!


Thanks for the tips, especially if I can watch in YouTube.

(Robin) #6

I just watched most of the short episodes and really enjoyed them. Thanks for pointing these out. I so wish I had an artistic talent!


Just spent several hours watching all of the episodes. The snare drum of Balvenie whiskey barrel wood and the beautiful, handmade knives by Bob Kramer were especially interesting to watch - thanks!

(Dan) #8

Rewatched. Bittersweet this time around.