Rare Vietnamese Bakery in NYC Already Has a Waitlist — And It Hasn’t Even Opened Yet

Anyone had the pleasure or on the waitlist?


Orders can be placed by DMing the Bạn Bè Instagram account, and each tin costs $36 for 28 cookies which includes four flavors: coconut pandan, black sesame ube, cà phê crunch, and tamarind cacao nib.

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Did you post about these folks last year? I remember them somehow…

Very interesting and cool.

That Eater article is from August 2020, so it seems likely.

See, some things I can remember :rofl:

Aha! I don’t bother retaining info about baked goods, 'cause I don’t care much about them. Pasta, on the other hand…

Did I? I haven’t any recall for reading about it before today. But the waitlist is still weeks to months on IG.