Rare as in Carpaccio & Steak Tartare, Blue rare, rare, medium rare or heaven forbid well done ?

How do you enjoy your beef ?

Our whole family enjoys to the utmost Beef or Veal Carpaccio, Steak Tartare (always for New Year´s Day), and Ecological Basque Black Angus blue rare and the same for Prime Rib …

Venison same … We are grand fans of Venison Tartare … It is a total delicacy.


Is this what you guys call a blue steak?
I doubt this term is used beyond our borders.

Pretty close. In France I was taught to order steak “crousti-bleu”. You get the idea. Charred outside, blue inside.


I don’t eat much beef in the form of steak, but when I do, I ask for it medium rare (as I do with lamb or venison). I can eat it rarer or more cooked if that is how it comes from the kitchen. I would never disturb the flow of a meal by sending it back.


Black and blue. We used to call that presentation.

Sending food back is worth an entire thread of its own. In addition to totally destroying service, it is human nature for a chef to subconsciously believe that they got it right the first time, and therefore err in the opposite direction. I.e. when a dish is returned as overcooked, send the replacement out almost raw…and cold in the center. Or the reverse.

I’m not sure I could stand it. It may be worse than a tipping thread. But if you want to risk it, you’ll have my full support (at least until it goes pear shaped) :grinning:

My objection is that, if I send something back, I have to watch my partner eating her meal, then she watches me eating mine. This is not the fun evening we had planned. It is an absolute rarity that, in the case of a problem, the restaurant will remake both plates. The last occasion was a couple of years ago in Spain. I was served the wrong starter and it was something I ddint want to eat. The waiter picke dup both plates. We said that it was only a problem with one plate. He replied “But you want to have dinner together”. Rarely seen hospitality.

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A weekly enjoyment of our´s … See photo.

An eclectic drinks choice for someone from one of Spain’s great wine producing reasons. I see Indian beer and Aussie red wine.

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I’m one of those weirdos who likes my steak more cooked than rare. Technically, I land at medium, but I would prefer medium well over medium rare. I have heard steak tartare, and it’s ok. Not something I would purposely seek out. I much prefer a raw fish dish over raw steak, no matter how good the quality.

Was a gift from our neighbours …

Though I personally prefer La Rioja and Ribera del Duero crianza reds (oak aged) or reservas.

Our guests brought the beer over & The Aussie wine. I am not a fan of any beer. And do not drink it at all … Personally, being polite we put it on the table – but no Thank you personally. Not my cup of tea.

We also had some Ribera del Duero and La Rioja & Priorat (Tarragona) oak aged wines and Reservas too as always.

Just these items for photos … and polite hospitality.

They too preferred our wines !!!

I like my beef raw to about medium rare. Any more cooked than that I find the meat begins to get tough and chewy. Absolutely love a good tartare. Steak, tuna, wahoo, just raw tangy salty deliciousness. A properly blue steak is a beautiful thing. Crisp and seared on the outside and still bloody inside. I’m getting myself hungry just writing about it.

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