Rapscallion Table and Tap [Acton, MA]

We got back from vacation on Saturday and though jet-lagging a bit, we pushed through. On Sunday, we decided to check out the new Discovery Museum. Lunch was in order before going to the (as predicted) chaotic scene at the museum. We hadn’t been back to Rapscallion in some time and it was the perfect choice. Funny enough, I thought I had posted about Rapscallion here but no, it was on Chowhound and that visit was also right after we got back from a trip away.

We got there at noon, just before the rush and we were seated in the front room to the right where we’ve never been seated. As the room filled, we realized that it was the “family room,” where all the tables were eventually occupied by families. The food was better than ever. B kept oscillating and in the end, settled on poutine with short rib (instead of the short rib grilled cheese. I’m not a big fan of poutine - I like my fries crispy, but this WAS good and decadent as expected. He went with a blue cheese salad with grilled chicken to “off-set” (whatever!) the poutine. The only weirdness was that I ordered the chickpea slider ($5) and got the chickpea fritters ($10) instead. I mentioned it to the server who was paralyzed for a second and I said it was fine, I’d keep the fritters. They were delicious, particularly the smoky tomato jam. They were reminscent of the chickpea pancake at Branchline that I wanted to love but found too dry. These were much much tastier. (The weirdness (at least to me) was that we were charged for the fritters and not the slider. It’s only $5 difference but it’s the principle! We didn’t say anything and of course, still tipped accordingly). I also got seared green beans which were garlicky and really were seared. Those were devoured by me and B. Spring onion ate quite well - “dinosaur” chicken (chicken tenders, which was the first time he really ate them…he usually turns his nose up at them). Very good fries accompanied them along with ice cream. The adult drinks were definitely welcome before wading into the chaos at the beautiful new Discovery Museum.

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Honghe Hani Rice Terraces, Yuanyang County, Yunnan
Credit: inkelv1122, Flickr