Random weekend eats [Arlington MA; PVD RI]

Went to Little Q Hot Pot last Friday before a school event. We hadn’t been in several years. The portions are a little smaller but the broths are just as good (chicken/mala) and Spring Onion had a blast. We got beef, mushroom and veggie platter, udon noodles. That block is a little sad, with all the other businesses closed except for Little Q. It was packed by the time we left at 7 pm, which was heartening.



We headed down to RI on Saturday for a 1-night visit to our house to make sure nothing had blown up in there. We decided to stop at Malted Barley because some of us wanted to play foosball. Hummus sandwich, steak and cheese sandwich, and burger. Ok but nothing to go out of your way for…and of course, i longingly looked at Oberlin @MaxEntropy as we walked past. But it’s a convivial spot that we’ve gone to many times. It’s just our speed.



Lunch on Sunday at Lucky Enough in my old ‘hood. I got some amused looks from the bar when just SO and I walked in while B parked (not in an uncomfortable way, but we definitely stuck out). There must be a Chicago connection because there was a Chicago dog and an Italian beef on the menu. I didn’t ask—the very friendly staff seemed like they a good night before so I didn’t want to tax them. Sheet pan nachos, Brussels sprouts,hot dog, and veggie chili hit the spot for us.






Forgot to include that I was walking home from my town’s DPW yard vegan compost bin last week and on the rather industrial-ish street near the bike path (my car mechanic is on the same street as is a BBQ supply shop, both of which are great and are family-owned), I saw a sign that caught my eye, Aya’s Kitchen. They make natto! Who knew?! https://ayasculture.com/products/

Thank you for mentioning Aya’s! I would love to try natto but am a total novice. Will check it out this weekend.

How do you like to eat it?

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Natto is nice with rice and some raw egg (and some quickly cooked spinach


Thanks! I do have all those ingredients so will give it a try!

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I’m not sure you can purchase from them—they may be wholesale only but you can definitely get natto from Maruichi in Arlington.

Ah, yes! Didn’t think of Maruichi! Thanks

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You can get it shipped and directly handed over at their location

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