Random pandemic eats [New England MA]

I have some actual free time so I’m going to throw everything I can remember into 1 post. Feel free to ignore me! I’m depending on the few photos that I have but I’ll try to spare you all of revisionist history.

North Adams trip (we stayed in Pownal VT) - Not pictured…GIANT pizzas from Ramunto’s Bennington (delicious Sicilian and a thin crust with steak and banana peppers, I think… we ended up eating that every night we were away); pleasant outdoor beers at Bright Ideas at Mass MoCa; great local beer selection down the street at Dwyer’s.

Iconic Jack’s Hot Dogs (and delicious according to Spring Onion [SO] and B):

Pub grub at Rail Trail (twice for lunch; tasted better than it looks):


SO made a llama eating a pizza at Mass MoCA’s KidSpace. :slight_smile:

Lunch at Gardner Ale House on our way home from North Adams (not that great, definitely not as good as our last trip which was eons ago):

We went to the Anchor Charlestown for lunch one glorious day (do NOT go for the food. Repeat DO NOT GO FOR THE FOOD. You have been warned. After an awesome visit to the USS Constitution, cold beer is the way to go.) We went twice to Charlestown recently, just to escape the heat and SO’s allergies and not wanting to drive 1 hour somewhere up on North Shore. We also had a decent lunch at Blackmoor (not picutred), not wanting to bear the wait at Brewer’s Fork.

Dovetail shop in the Navy Yard was a great find (the restaurant itself is too fancy for us). Not pictured is the good sausage pasta sauce that I turned into a mishmash seafood pasta thing-y for mom and dad, who came the following day. The tzatziki made for a tasty app dish for them.

Other pleasant experiences we’ve had have been at Rapscallion Acton, Sterling Street Brewery, Volturno pizza/Redemption Rock Brewery, Donohue’s Watertown…Many others. I may end up adding to my own post.

And guys…we are heading to Iceland on June 22. For the 5th time. Expect reports. I hope.


Thanks for the roundup! I’m especially inspired when you do weekend adventures that include food + brewpub/tasting room. Rapscallion’s on our list—was occasionally in our local rotation before—and now it looks like we might be able to enjoy a bite outdoors there.

P.S. Also Random Pandemic Eats could be the name of a band.


MaxEntropy is of course a strong supporter of Random Pandemic Eats

We like the Ramunto’s in Claremont NH. However the real reason we visit is Claremont Spice & Dry Goods


I gotta get to that hot dog joint. Thanks for the random report!


Loved your random report, thanks for taking the time!!

Am deeply envious of your upcoming Iceland trip. Really hope you have a fabulous time and the time and energy to report on it! My Iceland trip ambitions are largely fueled by your previous reports as well as two long posts on camping in Iceland on The Woks of Life. (Not that I am the camping type, only aspirationally so.)


Thanks for the report. I am really hoping we get to MassMOCA soon. Where did you stay in Pownal? We live two blocks from Charlestown and really enjoy the respite of the ocean breeze at the Navy Yard. Our son loves the 15 minute MBTA boat ride from the Navy Yard to the Aquarium; just resumed in late May. Thanks for the warning on the Anchor food, though the frozé seems to be calling to me. Dovetail looks interesting but there is nothing there my son would eat. We used to enjoy Pier 6 there. Have a great trip to Iceland!


I forgot to post my most favorite photo from this whole effing pandemic. From the geniuses at Sav-Mor Liquors in Medford: