Random Harvey ramblings with a little food mixed in

We’re eating multigrain toast now as a recorded Niagara with Marilynn Monroe and Joseph Cotton plays, Marilyn is wiggling up the stairs.

We’ve dined on popcorn, canned tuna, soup, and defrosted bean tacos from Stripes. Don’t tell the Wifeacita but we’ll soon be eating linguini with excellent Rao’s marinara and parmesan, not the green canned stuff.

A touch of cabin fever took us for a rainfall survey and a trip by Kroger’s Wirt and Westview. There was a big line as it appears they’re only letting a few shoppers in at a time. No thanks.

The high today is supposed to be 76, in August, something really crazy must be going on, oh yeah.


Under penalty of death please, please don’t tell the Wifeacita that I am still in love with the Weather Channel’s Stephanie Abrams and have a growing affection for Jen Carfagno.

Jim Cantore is a brother from another mother as is Carl Parker.

Local media:

Poor anchor guys, who must have been in studio 24 hours, Lyn Cannon and Owen Conflenti, I can’t make these names up, seem near death while their anchorettes are fresh and chipper, how is that possible?

Stay safe and dry everybody.

Oops, Joseph Cotton just got swept over Niagara Falls while Jean Peters is plucked off a rock by a helicopter, how appropriate.